Things only people who wear glasses know to be true.

Wearing glasses poses a few challenges only other four-eyed friends know.

There’s the issue of: them falling off, sliding off, fogging up, breaking, people asking to “try them on”, people asking to “see you with them off”, rain, sweat, a moderate breeze and losing them.

People who wear glasses also know the ‘sexy librarian’ look is a myth.

Women and men who pull off ‘sexy librarian’ are the same people who also pull off: sexy at the gym, sexy eating crab and sexy with the flu.

Things people who wear glasses
Or if you're Jessica Alba in Fantastic Four. (Source: Marvel.)

Don't even get me started on contacts. Apart from the eye-watering torture that is putting them on, they also require wearers to carry a five-step plan in case they sleep anywhere other than home.

It's not all bad news. Glasses do wonderful things like reveal friends waving at a distance, individual leaves on trees and PowerPoint presentation slides.


They can also be super complementary to your appearance, your outfit and your self-esteem.

Anybody who has found that one pair will understand how frames can go from daggy to Drew Barrymore in six seconds.

Anybody yet to find that pair should check out op-shops for old frames, as sometimes older styles are much more complimentary than what's on shelves.

The video playing above demonstrates some other scenarios where glasses can go from stylish aid to absolute annoyance.

Listen to last week's jam-packed episode of Mamamia Out Loud in glasses and contact-free bliss. 

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