"The 12 things I am most grateful for as a mum."

It’s the best time of year for a bit of gratitude.

As we race to the final few days of 2014, I thought I would get in early and write a few things I am deeply and truly thankful for…

1. Wine.

At the end of a particularly long and stressful day, there you are, asking me to pour a glass and have a seat. The only thing that might be better than you during stressful times would be an on-call masseuse (no joke, I have researched it). But for now, a cup of vino will have to do.

Thank you, Sancerre.

Thank you, Malbec.

Thank you, Rosé.

2. Google.

Ever since pregnancy, you have always been there when I need you. In the middle of the night during my third trimester when I had a strange twinge in my abdomen? You were there to explain that it was just Braxton Hicks contractions. When my toddler ate Purell? There you were, like a friendly neighbour, to give me Poison Control's number in 0.1834 seconds.

Thank you, Google.

3. Television.

Specifically reality television. You have provided me an escape for an hour after my kids are asleep. And your contestants and stars are so ridiculous (I'm looking at you, Bachelor), that I end up feeling better about myself. Thanks sincerely for that.


4. My bras.

When I went up to a size DDD during the first months of breastfeeding, you were there to hold me in. And now, after having breastfed two children and shrunken down to my high school proportions, you are there to hold me up.

Thanks for your generous and unwavering support.

5. My yoga pants.

You have stretched with me through two pregnancies. You have made me look (relatively) cute, when I was really just a step away from still being in pajamas. With your sleek elasticity and figure-flattering fabric, you have even created the illusion that I have a butt.

Thank you for being there each and every day.

6. My mum friends.

Girls, you have saved my sanity. You have made me realise that my kid wasn't a little weirdo when he was refusing to go #2 in the potty, and assured me that I wasn't a terrible parent for feeding my kids French fries for dinner. You have provided me with advice and support, or just an ear to complain about the trials and tribulations of motherhood and all of its boring and gruesome details.

Thank you all!

7. My non-mum friends.

You have distracted me from the boring and gruesome details of motherhood. Thank you for not caring about sleep training! Thank you for telling me to shut up about potty-training! And thank you for you letting me peek into your lives and live a little vicariously before heading back to my couch and yoga pants.


8. My son's pre-school teachers. 

You are kind, patient and calm. Did I mention patient? You handle the rowdy crowd of 3 and 4-year-olds with total grace. I have never heard you shout. You do the messy art and craft projects and sticky cooking lessons that I dread doing at home. You help my son to the bathroom, and you comfort him when he's sad. And did I mention your patience? Thank you. I hope everyone finds a pre-school they are as happy with as we are with ours!

9. My children's grandparents (and great-grandparents!).

Babysitters, confidants, advice givers and spoilers all. You have shown so much love to our little ones and support to us over these years, and we can't thank you enough. Oh wise ones, you won our children's love with superhero costumes, toys, cartoons, lollies, treats and constant attention, and then you gave them back to us.

We still love you and thank you all!

10. My babysitter.

Freedom. Oh, dear babysitter, you have given me my precious few hours of freedom during the week. You have taken my kids to the park so I could go for a jog. You have played hide-and-go-seek so that I could have an uninterrupted shower. You have given my husband and me some much-needed date nights. You are truly worth your weight in gold!

The Baby-Sitters Club.

11. My husband. 

OK, so it is to my never-ending consternation that whenever you change a diaper around family and friends (to my changing of 20 diapers), you are praised for how hands-on you are. ("Look at how involved he is! Daddy Do All!") However, I say without any hesitation that you have been a great partner and co-conspirator on this amazing trip we call parenthood. I wouldn't want to share a bed, separated by the 4-year-old and 2-year-old who sleep between us most nights, with anyone else but you.

12. My children. 

You are equal parts smart, adorable, funny, frustrating, kind, creative, bratty, loving and crazy, and I adore you from the tops of your heads to the tips of your toes. Seeing the world through your eyes has reminded me that it is indeed a wondrous place. Your father and I love you both so much, and we are having the time of our lives getting to know you and your quirky little personalities.

Thank you for being your amazing little selves!

What are you thankful for today?

The post originally appeared on the Huffington Post and was republished with full permission. 

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