4 tasks for today, not tomorrow or the next day.

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When it comes to the simple pleasures in life, I never put anything on hold.

Why put off eating that extra bar of chocolate, and binge-watching a whole season of Orange is the New Black, until tomorrow when I can do it today.

However, when it comes to the more mundane tasks, and the pesky, boring To-Do List items that need to be checked off (and will actually make my whole life a hell of a lot better) I’m a big fan of saying, “Oh, that can just wait until tomorrow. Or maybe next week.”

But in the interest of actually getting my life in order, and being held accountable for my actions, here’s my To-Do List of all the things I keep putting off, that really can’t wait any longer.

1.  Saying goodbye to old DVDs

TV is a beautiful obsession of mine. But, before the days of streaming, downloading and iTunes, if you wanted to watch your favourite TV shows over and over again you had to buy a very heavy (and very expensive) box set.

Now, of course, I have Netflix and all of my favourite shows saved to my hard drive, yet I keep putting off that big DVD clean out. Maybe some part of me just fears that one day the Netflix Gods will be overthrown and I’ll have to rely on my old The OC and Charmed DVDs for comfort. Clearing clutter and ridding ourselves of the things we don’t really need around the home is something we should all stop putting off. (Yes, that pair of jeans you’ve had since high school count as something ‘you don’t really need’).


Farewell friends, we had a good run. Image: Fox.

2.  Ensuring my pantry is mould-free

I once had a dream. I dreamt that every day I would awake from my slumber nice and early and fix myself a healthy and wholesome sandwich to take to work for lunch.

That dream has not come true and, because I never quite got around to throwing the unused bread away, I am now sharing my apartment with a mouldy new housemate who never chips in on the rent. I keep putting off touching it, and I fear the mould will continue to grow and one-day rule us all.

3. Make my smile my best feature

Ok, there are a lot of things about myself I know I need to fix. I’m not talking about getting luscious eyelashes or cultivating a six-pack (or a four-pack...any kind of pack would be great, actually). I’m talking about those niggly little issues that could easily be addressed, and would make a huge difference to my life and confidence; for example -- straighter teeth.


Now, I know that braces would straighten those crooked babies right up. But, the thing is, the timing has just never been right.

It's always someone's wedding, someone's birthday or some reason to have my smile captured on film forever and splashed across Instagram. I kept putting if off because there was just never a good time to have metal rods clamped across my teeth.


A great smile equals great confidence. Image: iStock.

However, it's recently come to my attention that there's a way to fix my teeth without ruining photos. The Invisalign System uses a series of clear aligners that will gradually move my teeth back into place. How's that for photo friendly?

And, to be honest, it's a more achievable goal then that whole six-pack idea, and it will definitely last longer.

That’s definitely something I’m not going to put off for another day, I want to start flashing my new grin ASAP.

4. Explore my own city and nurture my inner tourist

When it comes to exploring the world, I’m pretty on the ball. I’ve trekked across frozen lakes in Siberia; sipped champagne in Paris; walked along the Great Wall of China; and climbed through cannibal caves in Fiji. Yet, I call one of the most beautiful cities in the world home and I barely step outside my comfort zone to explore it.

how to stop wearing makeup

Travel is something you should never put off. Image: Laura Bronik.

I go to work. I go home. I go to the movies and to the local shops. But I don’t get lost in the inner city streets, try coffee from different places during my morning walk or make my way to hidden beaches. I keep thinking, “One day I’ll be less busy, I’ll be on top of my career, housework and general life issues. Then I’ll explore”.

It’s time I turn “one day” into “today”.

What do you keep putting off?

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