All the things that are changing on the new season of Offspring.

If you’ve been living under a rock, I have an important announcement to make:



Wednesday 29th June marks the premiere of the new season, which begins 18 months after the finale of season five – but Kat Stewart (who plays Billie) has warned die-hard fans to prepare for some serious on-set changes.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Stewart revealed that one of the major difference will be Nina’s apartment.

“For a start we’re in a different house,” she said. “Nina’s old apartment was a death trap for a toddler, you couldn’t stay in that house even though it was gorgeous.”

Fans of Patrick don’t need to worry, though: Nina’s new home is still chock-a-block full of the couple in happier days.

Watch the trailer for the new season here:

Video via TenPlay

Stewart also hinted at where this season will take her character Billie, saying:

“She’s been touring with Mick for the past 18 months and she’s had a really good time, but there’s that sense she’s ready to put down roots.

“There’s something she says in the first episode which is that she wants a life of her own. And I was thinking about it, she was helping Jimmy run a restaurant, helping Nina raise a daughter, helping her dad run a real estate business, helping Mick with his tour. She hasn’t really done her own thing. It’s a really big driver for Billie this series to find her own way.”

Some things however are not changing, like Nina’s signature style.

What are you most excited for about Offspring’s return?

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