Would you do this to your house to make your kids happy?

The renovations have nearly finished on this Californian home. And all it is missing is 100 balloons.

A young family in Santa Clara, California are nearing the end of their renovations on their Victorian home. While they have kept most of the historical features, they have painted the house to make it closely resemble the home for the Pixar movie Up.

Why you ask?

Because their daughters are massive Up fans. “They love the movie Up and we just thought we’d give them something fun to be proud of, and actually all the kids in the neighbourhood really love the colours.”

While their daughters and the neighbourhood kids may love it (and are expectantly waiting for the balloon addition), the adult neighbours are as grumpy as the lead character in Up. Neighbours have said that the colourful home doesn’t fit in with the historic street and they should have kept to tradition. Some even referred to the home as looking like a clown (with the bright colours).

Here is an image of the house from Up:

And here is their house:

And here is the video:

We think this is an awesome idea (ignoring the fact of letting your kids design your home to look like their current obsession). 

What do you think?