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For the last 18 years, Monika  Biernack from Doggie Rescue has dedicated her life to rescuing animals from death row at pounds all around NSW. Her Ingleside shelter is one of the few no-kill shelters in Australia and is run by donations from dog lovers all over Australia.

A heartbreaking truth for animal lovers to face is that as we head into Christmas, animal shelters are already seeing an increase in dumped pets and are unable to keep up with the demand. Doggie Rescue is currently at full capacity, which means every day Monika is having to turn away dogs that deserve a second chance at a happy life.

As Monika explains: “I’m so upset at what has been happening at Sydney’s pounds recently that I’ve struggled to find the words to express how I am feeling. Perfectly healthy dogs with many years of their life still ahead of them are being callously abandoned to face an untimely end – simply because their owners see them as too old and past their use-by date or just too much of a hassle.”

Doggie Rescue needs some very special people’s help.

Foster carers are a little like doggie angels. Being a foster carer means welcoming a dog into your home and providing them with a safe home, food, love and a caring environment until their adoption into a forever home. It’s not for everyone as you need to be committed to taking that dog for anywhere from a couple of days to some months.  This dedication means foster carers can be hard to find.

By becoming a foster carer you are actually saving two lives- your foster dog while they wait for adoption, as well as the next dog Monika can find to fill that spot at Doggie Rescue. They are lifesavers.

Meet a few dogs that are currently looking for foster homes at Doggie Rescue (their images are in the gallery below)

AJ is a Kelpie X Shepherd and is 12 months old. He is an active boy and has retained his puppy enthusiasm and loves to play. He is a social with other dogs and has a very gentle sweet nature. He is small to medium and size and has a short soft coat. Perfect for someone who wants to welcome an energetic dog into their lives.


Alistair is a 10 year old Italian Greyhound X Jack Russell. When he was rescued he weighed only 4.4kg and was incredibly underweight after serious neglect. He had problems retaining food, but after 3 feeds a day is much better now. Very shy at first, Alistair is now becoming more friendly and coming out of his shell and is learning to trust both people and dogs.

Tina is a 6 month old Terrier X Siberian Husky. Tina was born at Monika’s after her mum Flossie was rescued when she was pregnant. Tina is a cheeky puppy and a very loving girl- she absolutely loves to cuddle! Tina has some basic obedience and has had some lead practice so is looking for a family to take this over and teach her some new tricks.

Alfie is a 6 year old Spaniel X. When he came to Monika’s he had hardly any hair on his body, but with some medication and a special shampoo, his coat is looking much better and is continuing to regrow. He looks like a different dog now and has the happy temperament and cheeky smile to match. A gorgeous boy.

Daisy is a 4 year old Mini Foxy X. She has an easy going and sweet nature, but is a little timid when she first meets you. She loves to go for walks and play with other dogs. She is a special girl who will be a loyal and loving pet.

When Monika’s rescued Moe he was severely malnutritioned weighing only 2.9kgs. He has since had some dental extractions and is feeling so much better for it. It is hard to believe someone could leave such a sweet, loving senior in such a condition. At 11 years old Moe still has plenty of life ahead of him and is looking for a mature companion. His low shedding coat makes him perfect for those with allergies.

To find out more about becoming one of these very special Doggie Rescue foster parents, contact 02 9486 3133 or [email protected]

Can’t help with fostering? You can still help many of these dogs by purchasing a 2012 Doggie Rescue calendar for just $15.

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