Fashionable Philip May steps out in first public appearance as Britain's new First Husband.

Ever since Theresa May was introduced to the world as Britain’s new Prime Minister, the world has been waiting with bated breath for her First Husband to make his sartorial debut.

Then it finally happened.

Devoted hubby Philip was by the new PM’s side as she walked up the stairs of 10 Downing St, beaming with pride in an understated — but stylish — single-breasted suit.

While his wife grapples with the aftermath of Brexit, things will likely be tough for Philip as well.

The role of First Husband is, after all, a demanding one and already there’s whispers he may have to quit his day job if he wants to keep up with his wife’s busy schedule.

He looked every bit up to the task on Monday, however, stealing the show with his classic bespectacled Gregory Peck-esque aesthetic. The camera certainly loves him.

Perhaps that slovenly Kate Middleton could learn a thing or two?


JESUS. Source: Getty

Opting for a modern, slim tie in Conservative powder blue, our only criticism was his ill-fitting suit jacket, which failed to accentuate an enviable waist — didn't his father tell him not to hide his light under a bushel?

The navy colour was a good choice though; less stark than a black suit, the subtle pinstripe hinted at a playful side, which we can't wait to see more over the coming months.

Here's a few other facts from Sky News (post continues after video):

As for his shoes? Well those schoolboy-style brogues are certainly fuelling our adolescent fantasies. It's pretty clear how he snagged himself one of the most powerful women on Earth.


Philip, stop it. (Don't stop it.) Source: Getty

Twitter users agreed.

As the old adage goes "behind every great woman is a great man" and you can bet he has a killer wardrobe.

Case in point: German Chancellor Angela Merkel's husband Joachim Sauer — a regulation hottie with an untamed mane (take note, Phil. The side part is great but make sure you mix it up. We recommend a light sea salt spray).


Angela Merkel's husband Joachim Sauer. Source: Getty

Do we smell a style stoush brewing?

Regardless, Philip has nailed his first outing as First Hubby — we're giving this sexy spouse an A+ for his efforts.

Oh yeah and did we mention he's a successful banker or something?