There are so many ways to be a mother.

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If you’re looking for advice about options surrounding fertility, pregnancy or counselling, always consult your doctor.

Nothing can really describe what motherhood is like. Every mum is different and so is every family.

The journey is unpredictable, sometimes the starting point is unclear.

From creating life to caring for those special little humans, there are just as many lows as there are highs, but most women will tell you being a mum is a gift.

That’s what makes it so painful when motherhood doesn’t come easily.

We take for granted that we’ll be able to become mothers as soon as the time is right, but all too often it isn’t as simple as that.

There are fertility issues.

Or finding the right partner.

There are unexpected detours.

Some women want to establish their careers first.

Others are waiting to be able to afford a home.

There has never been a better time to become a mother regardless of circumstances because there are so many incredible ways to be a mother.

From fertility treatment.

To fostering.

Then there’s adoption.

And those of us who become step-mothers.

So many incredible Australian women have become mothers in so many ways and they have all shared their stories to shine the light on the path less travelled to motherhood.

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