The Young Mummy: 'Why I've decided to film my second birth on Snapchat.'

It’s been just over a week since Melbourne blogger Sophie Cachia announced she plans to document the upcoming birth of her second child on Snapchat, and to put it lightly, the reactions have been mixed. Some have embraced the announcement and the real-time insight into labour, whereas others have labelled it oversharing of the highest degree.

But according to the 26-year-old behind The Young Mummy, it’s nothing she wasn’t already expecting.

Speaking exclusively to Mamamia on Friday, she said, “I’m well aware that there are people who completely disagree with the decision or think it’s way too much, but if they’re watching me, they’re choosing to do that. They’ve downloaded the app, they’ve made an account and they’ve followed me. So if they’re watching me on that day, it’s their choice and I’m not making anyone do that.”

The Cachia family: Sophie, Bobby and Jaryd. Source: Facebook.

"The joy of social media is that you are choosing to watch something," the mum to two-year-old Bobby said, adding, "There are people out there who I know are going to criticise me for doing this, but what they perhaps don't realise is that I can see them tuning in."

When I asked Cachia why she's made the decision to share what is a highly intimate experience, her reason is astoundingly clear.

"When do you ever get that chance to see someone in labour? It's not something you see every day," she said. "I think birth is the most amazing, beautiful thing in the world and I'm trying to show people what it can be like, and I'm not ashamed of it."

The Young Mummy is Snapchatting her labour. Mamamia Out Loud discuss if it's too much information or important documentation of the realities of giving birth. Post continues... 


"After you have a baby you spend so long trying to explain to your girlfriends what it's like, and I only had photos," Cachia said, adding that since announcing her plan she's had a lot of support from mums and those expecting their first babies. "I remember kicking myself for not filming any of it, even just for my own benefit, and I just always thought that I'd record something, even just for myself this time around."

Logistically speaking, Cachia says husband Jaryd will chiefly be in charge of filming the event, and while it will be potentially one of the most behind-the-scenes looks at birth we've seen in a while, there are some clear rules. "You're not going to be getting a close up of my vagina or the head crowning," Cachia said laughing, "and I won't be revealing the gender or the name of the baby on Snapchat."

But despite having the best-laid plans, Cachia remains incredibly realistic about what lies ahead.

"It could all change on the day. There is a chance that it won't happen at all because as anyone who's ever gone through labour will tell you, the birth plans don't always work out, so we'll have to wait and see," she said.

But one thing that's for sure, though, is Cachia's solid belief in why and what she's doing.  "I'm confident in the person I am," she said. "And I'm not concerned about embarrassing myself, obviously."

And if you want to follow the updates, you can find Cachia on Snapchat under the username 'SophCachia'.