The toughest pregnancy post Sophie Cachia has ever written.

If there’s one thing blogger and soon-to-be mum of two Sophie Cachia is adored for, it’s her ability to talk about taboo topics with equal parts comedy and candour.

But speaking to Mamamia last week, the 26-year-old admitted there was one blog post she found harder than any others to write.

“The one that I was really hesitant about writing… was when I was struggling to fall pregnant,” Cachia said, explaining that at the time she and husband Jaryd hadn’t spoken to loved ones about their conception difficulties.

“I hadn’t told my family, we hadn’t told Jaryd’s family, I hadn’t even told my girlfriends,” she continued.

Sophie and Jaryd Cachia. Source: instagram.

From the outside, things looked good. Cachia was 25, happily married, had a healthy baby boy, Bobby, and an enviable career thanks to her blog The Young Mummy.

Yet try as they might, the couple just weren't falling pregnant.

"I'd had in my head, looking back now, a very unrealistic view that we were just going to fall pregnant straight away," Cachia said.

"I wanted to maintain that idea that I was just going to get pregnant the next month, or the next month, but then nine months of that down the track you start to think, sh*t, I think I need to start talking to someone about this because this is not going the way I had planned."

Jaryd, Bobby and Sophie Cachia. Source: instagram.

So, doing what came naturally to her, Cachia headed to the keyboard.

Despite being "scared" to write about their struggle, the Melbournian says she ultimately made the decision to open up because "normally I would write and discuss this with my audience."

"It was the toughest one to write and I was scared to put that out; it was such an emotional time for us," she said.

"But it got a really good response and it must have taken a weight off my shoulders because I got pregnant the next month," she says happily.

Sophie Cachia, AKA The Young Mummy. Source: Instagram.

Now, having just reached the 30-week mark of the pregnancy, she conceded telling her 250,000 strong following what was going on during the trying time was the best thing that could have happened.

"I think everything happens for a reason and letting that go and being open to discuss that must have done wonders for me in some ways," Cachia said.

"I'm really glad that I did write it. It just got such an amazing response."

To celebrate the birth of baby number two and raise some much-needed help for the less fortunate mums out there, Sophie is hosting a fundraiser baby shower on 17 November. All money raised from ticket sales will go directly to St Kilda Mums. Tickets and further information on the event can be found at Eventbrite.