The Young Mummy: "I get pregnant and the thought of sex physically makes me sick."

The Young Mummy has revealed she is facing struggles in her sex-life due to her pregnancy.

In a video post, Sophie Cachia said she has a “missing sex drive” and is apprehensive about having sex after struggling to conceive her second child.

“I had a sex drive and now I don’t and I don’t know what the hell to do,” she said.

The mummy blogger, who is 17 weeks pregnant, says she has always had a “raging” sex-life but is now feeling agitated and unattractive.

“I’m normally a naturally horny person. I love having sex, I always have and I hope that I always do, but then I get pregnant and the thought of sex physically makes me sick,” she said.

“The thought of being touched makes me shiver, the thought of kissing someone for a long period time makes me want to puke.”

Sophie has a reputation for bringing an honest perspective to motherhood. It’s widely reported that women’s libido goes through the roof during pregnancy, and that it may do for some women. But for many others, that second trimester sex fest is nothing but a mainstream media fantasy.

To watch the video in full here. 

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