The Young Mummy gets very real about the first trimester in a new YouTube video.

Confession time. Until recently I had no idea who Sophia Cachia was. I mean, I’d heard her name here and there but I’d never really taken the time to stalk her social media. But now, I basically want to invite her around for a wine (except you know, she’s pregnant) and proposition her to be my new bestie (Sorry, Kelly).

Sophie, AKA, The Young Mummy, is real, there’s no denying it and she’s proved it once again in a new video she has uploaded to her new YouTube channel. In it, she reflects over the first trimester of her pregnancy, detailing the excitement but also being realistic about her fears, her concerns and the differences she’s experienced second time around.

You can watch the whole video on YouTube. We strongly recommend it.

Sophie starts off by saying that she’s recently had her 12-week scan and reports that everything is “100% perfect” and she goes on to say that the news comes as a huge relief. Not that she thought anything was wrong with the baby, but this pregnancy, she says that she had experienced a different kind of worry. In fact, she says that at some points she was “petrified”. Sophie explains that she is so much more nervous with this baby than she was with her first son and says that perhaps it’s down to being younger and more carefree during her first pregnancy. She says that in some ways, this is why she chose to announce her pregnancy early, just so she could share what she was feeling with people around her.


Sophie on her wedding day. Image: Instagram

I think second time mums can appreciate what she's saying. You're more aware of what can go wrong, but you're also most aware of what's to come. Sophie says that she struggled with her son as a newborn and yeah, tiny ones are not for everyone. Her honesty continues when she says she experienced anxiety and was hyperventilating at the idea of another baby but "the love grows the worry" she said, explaining that her concern was more for her child than herself.


"As they get bigger, doors open up for more things to go wrong. I worry sick about Bobby and now I'm going to have that times two. How will I manage to worry about two people?" she wonders.

But Sophie says that with her concern comes a great deal of excitement, which I can totally relate to and says that having another baby was something she wanted to do for Bobby because she sees how wonderful he is with other children.

"I see that my role as his mum is to give that to him," she says.

Sophie goes on to talk about the pregnancy and says that the first thing she notices is her boobs growing.

"You might wish for it if you're starting with like an A or B cup and wanting to go to a D but when you're already an F or G up you don't wanna get any bigger."

She talks about stretch marks and how during her first pregnancy she did everything to prevent them. This time though, she's owning it.

"My care factor is zero. I mean, what am I gonna do about it? I'm growing a baby and for those of us lucky enough to be able to do that we need to appreciate it," she says.

Sophie also shares struggles with her polycystic ovarian syndrome, a condition she says has led to excess hair growth.

"I've gotta be having triplets cause I've got three times the hair growth," she laughs.

Sophie with Bobby. Image: Instagram

Sophie also shares that she experienced huge amounts of fatigue during the early stages, a scenario a lot of second time mums can appreciate.

"It got to the stage where I would make Bobby's breakfast the night before so that I could give it to him and go back to bed," she says.

Sophie says that her YouTube channel will be a regular place to update followers on her progress. Stay tuned.