The Young Mummy has given us an incredible 3D first look at her unborn baby.

From the moment she broke the news to her husband Jaryd to the couple’s recent babymoon in Noosa, Sophie Cachia aka The Young Mummy has shared every part of her second pregnancy with her followers.

Now she’s given us the first glimpse of her unborn baby. (And some of the placenta.)

So. Amazing.

“HI GORGEOUS THING YOU!,” she captioned the photo.

“Placenta was still being a mother f*cker and wouldn’t agree with us today so couldn’t get the entire clarity we were after – but here HE/SHE is! Looking exactly like Daddy… and check the smile on the left.”

The couple visited 4D Baby Melbourne, a business that allows parents to ‘meet’ their unborn baby through 3D and 4D non-diagnostic ultrasound scanning. (Post continues after gallery.)

It’s created by combining 3D pictures with real time movement and prices start from $125, with different packages available.

With the couple opting for a surprise and still unaware of the gender of their sibling to young son Bobby, Cachia’s followers were quick to guess the gender based on the scan.

“I never got a good picture for the same reason! Was nice though to still have a little surprise on what bubs was going to look like! I vote girl,” wrote one follower while another added, “So beautiful! I think another boy ????”

Either way, this is going to be one adorable baby.

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Image: Instagram/@sophiecachia

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