The Young Mummy has already found a problem with the name she gave her baby girl.

Sophie Cachia, better known as The Young Mummy blogger, is facing a bit of a problem after giving birth to her baby girl on Saturday night.

She named her newborn ‘Betty’ and, now, she’s doubting whether she made the right decision.

“Anyone have issues with names post-birth? I’m starting to worry she doesn’t look like a Betty. And doubting if I should have gone with another name,” she posted on Snapchat on Monday morning, alongside a photograph of her tiny daughter.

The Young Mummy

Since posting the Snapchat, Cachia has added she had two girls names in mind for her baby, and she wasn't sure which to go with. She put the doubts down to hormones, and said she's happy with her "little blue-eyed Betty".

Cachia and her partner Jaryd chose to keep the gender of their baby a surprise leading up to the birth.

It seems they were convinced they were having a boy, and they had their heart set on the name 'Hank'.

“For two parents who were so convinced they were delivering a boy - Baby Hank - even right up to when bub was put on my chest (and I quickly thought the umbilical cord was a penis) Betty you have blown our minds!!!” the blogger wrote on her Instagram

And then: “Absolutely besotted by you darling girl. Look how much your Dad loves you already. I never realised how much I loved your Daddy until I saw how much he loved you.”


But, whatever name she 'looks like', there is no doubt Betty is dearly loved by her parents, and two-year-old brother Bobby.

"Mummy got her little girl. Betty Cachia, you complete me," Cachia posted on Instagram shortly after the birth.

Mummy got her little girl. Betty Cachia, you complete me ???? @elsacampbell @birthphotographycollective

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Cachia has also posted images and videos of Bobby and Betty together.

In one, the toddler is simply gazing at his brand new younger sister. In another, he is quite amused with the movements of her bowel as he holds her in his lap.


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The consensus from Cachia's followers however, is that Betty is beautiful name.

"Betty is BEAUTIFUL! Classic & Cute. It suits her just perfect, plus Betty & Bobby is the cutest name combo I've ever heard," one person commented on Instagram.

"Loooove Betty!!! It is a super cute name and having Betty and Bobby is the sweetest. It is also not too common but cute at the same time, and will suit her as she grows as well, unlike some other cute names. Strong name for what I'm sure will be a very strong little lady," another said.

"She was born a Betty," another comment reads. "They say mothers instinct is always the best one and Betty was your first! I don't see her as anything but a Betty. It's beautiful!"