People are going crazy for Lily's clothes and doona from The Wrong Girl.

It may be called The Wrong Girl, but there’s one thing Channel 10’s adaptation of Zoe Foster Blake’s novel got very, very right – the style.

Colourful, fun and most importantly – relatable, Jessica Marais‘ character Lily is filling the Nina Proudman-shaped style hole in Aussie TV fans’ lives.

From her cute cherry top to her botanical-inspired doona, people just can’t get enough.

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And because we're  as equally obsessed just lovely, generous people, we've managed to track down some of the best things from the series so far.

The most coveted piece? Her bedspread.

Image: Ten Play

It may have been scene of the Lily-and-Pete-cross-the-friendship-line-and-have-sex event, but it seems like many viewers were more interested in the green and pink botanical doona.


Lucky for Olivia and other fans, not only have we found it but both the Linen House quilt cover set and matching pillows are currently on sale, with the doona reduced from $219.95 to $131.97. RUN!

Image: Linen House

People also lost their minds over the cherry-emblazoned sweater Lily wore in the opening scene - and that includes co-creator Foster Blake.


The top is from designer Bella Freud, known for her slogan sweaters and stocked in fancy pants online boutiques like Shopbop and Matches. Lily's (along with a lot what she wears this season) came from Melbourne boutique Grace.

Unfortunately it's from an old season and is currently unavailable - but there are plenty of other designs from the latest season that are equally as nice. Retailing for around $478, they're probably more of an, ahem, investment piece for most of us (including Lily) but aren't they cute?

A piece you can expect to see (and also get your hands on) throughout the season is her blue leather jacket.


Image: Ten Play

"It's her go-to everyday jacket. It was important for us to give her high contrast to all the locations she goes to but also make a clear signature statement for our lead who we want people to recognise instantly," costume designer Erin Roche said in an interview on Tenplay.

The Yves Saloman jacket is currently on sale for $1179 at Grace, but is only available in store.

The pink guitar t-shirt by Au Jour le Jour is also from the boutique- but unfortunately also currently sold out.

Image: Ten Play

Another favourite was Lily's high neck blue dress from the first episode.

From local label Leonard Street, it's also from a previous collection so you may have to keep a look out on resell sites like eBay if you've really got your heart set on it. We'll see you there.

Image: TenPlay.

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