“The Wrong Girl just ended with complete heartbreak. But the most upsetting moment was over a biscuit.”


The Wrong Girl has finally come to an end, and it’s safe to say that it’s debut season has had has on a little bit of an emotional roller coaster.

Tonight, we eagerly awaited the fate of our protagonist Lily, she of the perfect blonde hair and cute jumpers. Lily’s had a bit of a rough time over the last few episodes, what with shaking up with her best friends lover and being promoted at work.

Then there was that whole business about sleeping with her best friend and dealing with her repressed feelings for him while also watching him prepare to welcome a baby with another woman.

No wonder poor Lily seems to fall over at the start of every episode, she’s just stumbling under the weight of all that emotional turmoil.

Listen to Laura Brodnik and Amy Cooper talk about the most heartbreaking (and hilarious) moments from The Wrong Girl finale on The Recap.

She’s stumbling, in her work and personal life. Image via Channel 10[/img_caption]

Lets just take a moment to acknowledge how many handsome, rugged, intriguing men seem to fall into Lily’s lap on a regular basis, there always seems to be another quirky suitor just around the corner.

If this was real life, our Lil would be at home, trying to figure out why she can’t get Facebook to open on her laptop at the same time she’s trying to get Presto to stream on her TV and drinking Coke Zero out of a novelty mug.


But this is not real life, which means we’ve got about 42 minutes to sort out our problems before the credits roll and we have to wait until next season.

So Lily's career is in a bit of turmoil, but at least she managed to win back the love of her best friend Simone. There's actually a lesson for all of us here, always have an emotionally manipulative video montage on hand. Just in case you develop feelings for your bestie's boyfriend and have to guilt her into moving back in with you.

So that relationship is back on track, but the same cannot be said for her love life.

Lily was all set to head off into the sunset with Jack (because unemployment is a lucrative and safe life decision) when Pete shows up on her doorstep and confesses that he is love with her.

We won't know who Lily chooses until next season, but my guess is, it won't be Pete. They are going to have to play this love triangle out for at least another season.

You can catch up on the first season of The Wrong Girl on Tenplay.