What's the absolute worst present you've ever received?

Is it as bad as these?

We all love getting presents – the thrill of ripping open the wrapping paper and finding out what’s inside. So much fun. But there’s nothing worse than when the gift you find inside is awful.

If you thought the socks you got from your grandma for the seventh year in a row was bad, or the last minute gift voucher someone had bought you at the shops was lazy, you ain’t got nothing on these bad presents.

A Reddit thread asked the question, “What is the WORST present you have ever gotten.” It’s been up for just a day and it already has over 8, 000 replies. And some are just wow.

These aren’t the stories of presents where you smile and nod politely only to go to your local salvos and ditch the present the next day – these are much much worse.

The bow tie and hat your grandma bought you isn't actually so bad.

For example, one woman got a set of car keys for her birthday and thought she must be getting a car, but instead her parents said they remembered how much she loved jingling keys when she was younger. Uh, she's all grown up now...

Another woman received a pair of earrings from her uncle that he had made from two of his own teeth, teeth he had pulled out of his mouth. It's the thought that counts, right? Errr.

You could get a ring to match...

Another Reddit user - a former student - said that for a graduation gift they had been given a study bible. Again - awkward.

One of the cruelest presents that made the list was when a guy received a fake 'winning' scratchie. He scratched what he thought was a $50, 000 win. He was wetting his pants excited about it. He turned it over to read the conditions only to find that it was a fake. And to top it off his sister got a laptop for Christmas that year. "Good for her," he said.

These are just the beginning, though.

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Can you add to the list? What's the worst present you've ever received?

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