Should I Watch It? The Wheel of Time season 2, the high fantasy series you won’t stop thinking about.

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Imagine a world in which magic exists, but only a few can access it.

That's the premise of Prime Video's series The Wheel of Timeadapted from the bestselling novels by Robert Jordan. 

The show follows Moiraine Damodred (Rosamund Pike), who crosses paths with five young men and women as they embark on a dangerous, world-spanning journey.

In the previous season, the Dark One has woken, and the fate of existence rests firmly on the shoulders of a Chosen One and in this world, time is a wheel that turns with each spin, always circling back to where it began.

The series is set in a high fantasy realm of magic, that endeavours to find the Dragon Reborn, who could, realistically, be anyone. As a powerful Channeler (humans that can use the One Power), the Dragon Reborn will either save the world from the Dark One or destroy humanity. 

The Wheel of Time kicks off by telling us that men who can use the One Power are destined for madness. Befittingly only women, called Aes Sedai, to have the ability to channel magic safely.

Rosamund Pike in The Wheel of Time season 2. Image: Prime Video. 


In season 1, Aes Sedais dedicate themselves to finding men who can channel the One Power without posing a threat. 

We meet Logain Ablar (Alvaro Morte) who is a man that can channel the One Power and also believes he is the Dragon Reborn (newsflash: he isn't).

Watch the official trailer for The Wheel Of Time Season 2 here. Post continues after video. 

Video via Prime Video.

In the season finale, we learn who the Dragon Reborn is. They are alongside Moiraine, journeying together to stop the Dark One from rising again.

In season 2, we learn that Rand al’Thor (Stradowski) believes he has destroyed the Dark One, but evil has not left. In the teaser trailer, we witness three vicious Trollocs being tamed by one of the series' key villains. This can only imply that season 2 will be both in part mystifying and horrifying. 


Streaming from September 1, season 2 promises bloodthirsty battles, powerful tugs-of-war for ultimate power, new friendships, old enemies, and a plethora of magic.

Yup, The Wheel Of Time is the action-packed high fantasy series we've all been waiting for. 

Below I unpack what exactly The Wheel of Time is about and give my verdict on whether you should watch it: 

What is The Wheel of Time about?

The Wheel of Time begins when at the dawn of time, the literal Wheel Of Time is created and spins the Pattern of the Ages using the lives of men and women as its threads. 

The Wheel is divided into seven spokes, each representing an age, and is coated by the One Power. After an Aes Sedai accidentally allows the Dark One to channel his influence and corruption into the world after a spell goes wrong, it is up to the Dragon Reborn to either destroy The Wheel's enemy or humanity itself. 

The adaptation centres on Moiraine, a member of the Aes Sedai, a powerful organisation of women who can wield magic. 

She visits a small village in search of an individual prophesied to either save the world or destroy it. 

As the Last Battle with the Dark One approaches, Moiraine leads five young villagers on a dangerous journey to new lands to discover which of them is the Dragon Reborn.

In the end, will the Dark One win?

Come for the... 

Action-packed fantasy that leaves you on the edge of your seat. The beautiful thing about The Wheel of Time is that it promotes the force of female empowerment and the ability to believe in magic. 


It's no secret the acclaimed series was highly anticipated by fans of the novels by Robert Jordan, but it is also the perfect watch for those looking for something a little different, a bit more plot-filled and a whole lot more magical.

Basically, The Wheel of Time should be on everyone's watch list.

Stay for the... 

Fantastic talent with stellar costume design, impeccable set design and an idyllic scenery that will make you wish you were also an Aes Sedai. 

Who is in The Wheel of Time? 

Alongside Pike is Daniel Henney (Criminal Minds) as Lan Mandragoran, Josha Stradowski (Gran Turismo) as Rand al’Thor, Marcus Rutherford (Obey) as Perrin Aybara, Dónal Finn (Rogue Heroes) as Mat Cauthon, and Ceara Coveney (Young Wallander) as Elayne Trakand.

In The Wheel of Time, there is also some locally bred talent including Zoë Robins who hails from New Zealand (Power Rangers Ninja Steel) as Nynaeve al'Meara, and Australia's very own Madeleine Madden (Dora and the Lost City of Gold) as Egwene al'Vere.

How long is it?

Seasons 1 and 2 of The Wheel of Time have eight episodes each, making it perfect for a mid-week watch or an all-out weekend binge on the couch. 

So, should you watch it?

The Wheel of Time is the perfect series for when you're in the mood for a high fantasy series that focusses on female empowerment and will bring you hope (and sometimes, heartbreaking despair) for humanity. 

Madeleine Madden, Zoë Robins, Ceara Coveney in The Wheel of Time season 2. Image: Prime Video. 


It's both a fast-paced story and an action-packed romance adventure. From it, we learn that sometimes the power of magic isn't about whose hands it rests in, but what we do when it is bestowed upon us. 

The Wheel of Time will make you cry a little, yell a lot and enmeshes you in a fantasy universe we all very much wish was real. 

The Wheel of Time season 2 is streaming now only on Prime Video.

Feature Image: Prime Video.

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Prime Video - The Wheel of Time s2
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