From anti masturbation devices to the war on pubic hair

From the single girl who's planned her wedding to an anti-masturbation device, to the war on pubic hair we've gathered the best (and craziest) love and sex links from around the web.

Shoulder Tattoos? So Last Year
While we'd never suggest getting anyone's name tattooed on your body ever — we'd definitely not recommend going this route. Gawker discovered a new lover tattoo trend: getting your guy's name engraved into your um…butthole. We wish we weren't serious — watch the slightly horrifying video here.

There's Only One Thing Missing…
Being single can be tough, and being optimistic about finding love isn't always easy. But sometimes, there is such a thing as being a little too hopeful. Example: the  woman who has her entire wedding planned to the last detail with only one, (very important!) thing missing: the groom! Read more about this single girl's wedding plans on Glamour.

Not So Sweet
The "birds and the bees" have just taken on a whole new meaning. (Well, the bees have, anyway.) As the Israeli Health Ministry recently discovered, there's a new erotic stimulant to be wary of: honey. (Or as they refer to it, "Honey Sex.") Check out more about this sweet revelation on the Huffington Post

The Anti-Masturbation Device
We know most men masturbate (like, a lot). When they're single, when they're taken, when they're married, when they're bored, when they're hungry, whenever…and we've accepted it. But the Catholic Church back in the 19th century…not so accepting. Check out the scary picture on The Frisky of an "anti-masturbation" device. Ouch!

The Proposal Expert
You know those crazy, adorable proposals that you see pictures of on Pinterest or watch over and over again on YouTube? This woman may have helped plan some of them. KIS Group introduces the first proposal expert, a woman who has planned amazing, romantic proposals for celebrities, professional athletes and more. Find out more about her here

War on Pubic Hair 

Family Physician Dr. Emily Gibson has called an end the ‘war on pubic hair’. Apparently waxing and shaving can be dangerous to your health. But this Taiwanese news animation has to be one of the funniest animations of the news that we have ever seen

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