The Week in Style

When you spend as much time on the Internet as we do at Mamamia, you stumble across some amazing things.

We’ve created this weekly post as a way to share it all with you. It’s the snippets of style from around the world, bundled together for you in one easy to browse package. Enjoy.

Paula Joye’s house. Wow.

We’ve always known Paula Joye was a style queen when it comes to fashion, so we probably shouldn’t have been surprised to find out her home is just as chic. Paula’s posted these pictures of her home on her website before she redecorates over the holidays (more about that below).

Here is a sneak peak but go to Lifestyed.com.au to see the whole gallery. It’s worth it.

She writes:

This is my home – the inside parts. I thought I would show you it now because over the holidays I’m going to start redecorating. This look is a couple of years old and I’m a bit bored. I like to do new things. So… new sofas, new tables and possibly paint.

The return of nude tights

They’re calling it the Middleton effect. According to the Daily Mail, transparent tights (you remember the ones Nanna used to wear) are making a comeback and flying off the shelves of UK retailers. And it’s all thanks to Kate Middleton.

Back in fashion?

This from the Daily Mail:

That the once rather dowdy look is now finding favour with the editor-at-large of the oh-so fashionable Japanese Vogue, Anna Dello Russo, is all down to one family. You guessed it. The Middletons.

‘Kate Middleton is quite old-fashioned… but when she was wearing fleshy, nude stockings it looked so avant-garde,’ she said. ‘I think she has the kind of personality to make them modern.’

While you might not take her word for it that ‘fleshy, nude stockings’ are suddenly the height of fashion, it seems the Middleton effect — both Kate and Pippa favour nude tights — has sent sales soaring.

Maybe Nanna was on to something after all. Would you go nude?

The sparkle revolution

From Gwyneth Paltrow to Blake Lively and Leighton Meester, everyone is wearing… sparkles and sequins!

DIY Scarf Watch

I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with DIY fashion websites of late. People are clever. So clever. Last week we linked to these DIY glitter converse via lovemaegan.com and this week I’ve discovered a pair and a spare, which is put together by the Harper’s Bazaar resident DIY fashion expert.

I’m much better at looking at the sites then I am at actually making my own clothes, but when I saw this scarf watch I fell in love. And since Sportsgirl doesn’t stock them (I checked), this weekend I’m planning to pick up some scissors for a crafternoon. Apparently the scarf watch is as simple as a scarf, a watch and some knots. I’ll let you know.

Look! It's a DIY that might actually be doable.

Summer sunglasses

Hello summer. We’ve posted before about the importance of protecting our skin from the harmful rays of the sun. And now it’s time to talk about sunglasses. Just remember your eyes are as important as your skin. So for some summer eye inspiration, we’ve put together this gallery:

What’s your sunglasses style?

If you’ve got a fashion trends you’re loving (or not loving) tell us about them in the comments below and we’ll try to include it in next week’s post.