The week in style.

Welcome to a brand new style post, where we’ve taken the things we love  from all over the web and put it all together  for you.

If you like it, we’ll bring it back next week. Look, read and enjoy.

The Mormon modesty blogs

It’s the rise of high necklines and low hemlines. For these modest fashion sites it’s all about dressing “modestly, usually meaning covered shoulders, avoiding excessively low-cut shirts and skirts to the knees.” Check it out.

This from the Daily Mail:

The far-from-pushy sites are mushrooming across America and further afield, giving a platform to many young women who may be on the end of oft-maligned preconceptions of the religious group.

But far from the staunch controls often associated with the Church of the Latter Day Saints, modesty bloggers have turned their religious values into their best assets – and this season’s knee and midi length styles couldn’t be more apt.


*Images via No More Mom Jeans, Clothed Much, Cats and Cardigans, Spencer and Erica and Wearing it on my Sleeve .

What’s Paula wearing?

A few weeks ago,  Lifestyled editor Paula Joye set herself a fashion challenge – to shop her own wardrobe and wear somethings she “hasn’t worn (or worn in that way)” for two weeks. We were obsessively checking the Lifestyled website everyday during the challenge – and everyone else in the world must have been too because Paula’s kept it going since. Here’s a sneak peak of what she’s been up to:

Love it

All that glitters

Mia is like a magpie – she saw these DIY glitter converse the other day and was instantly obsessed. Now, we’re just waiting for her to use the sparkly nail polish OPI sent us recently to make her own. They’re from and so easy to do if DIY is your thing.

How cool are these?

The arm party

Our current favourite trend in the office is the arm party. It’s a case of anything goes – piling watches, bracelets and armbands on your wrist in a seemingly messy way. We’ve featured Louise Bell’s arm party before here – she’s a bit of a master (and we’ve included her tips below). Here’s a gallery of the arm party trend, we’ve even included some of our own:

And here are Lousie’s tips for a winning arm party:

1. A watch is optional, but if you’re going to wear one, a larger style (or men’s) watch is the go.
2. Mixing silver and gold is acceptable. Heck, it’s recommended!
3. Soften up the “metal” with some string/friendship bracelets
4. Mix it up – and if you feel like it, co-ordinate colours with your outfit like I have
5. Be creative and have fun with it!

Arm party images via Lifestyled, Table Tonic, The Man Repeller, Pretty Shiny Sparkly and Mamamia.

Pyjamas… in public

Is it possible that these celebs and fashion designers were at home, ready to go to bed when they got an emergency call to the red carpet? Probably not.

Welcome to the latest fashion fad. Pjayamas – or clothes that bare a striking resemblance to bed wear – as clothes. Would you ever wear pyjamas in public? And heels or slippers if you do?

Charlotte Ronson, designer Rachel Roy and actress Tennessee Thomas

Nails are the new accessory

Painted nails have become a surefire way of jazzing up an outfit for any occasion, without having to spend half your paycheck to do so. And the best thing is that when it comes to nail polish colours, anything goes.

And what do you think of this idea? It’s the feature nail – painting one nail a different colour to the rest.

This is Editorial Assistant Nat's feature nail- the purple is Sportsgirl's 'Lace' and the gold is Revlon's 'Gold Rush'

Do you have a nail polish colour you just can’t stop wearing?

That’s about it from us, but if you’ve got a fashion trends you’re loving (or not loving) tell us about them in the comments below and we’ll try to include it in next week’s post.