‘The way female designers dress women is cheap and nasty”

students Guy Hastie and Christopher Esber

[source: News Ltd]

So says Nicholas Huxley, the man who’s the head of Sydney Institutue Fashion Design Studio – one of Autralia’s most influential fashion schools. That’s him (grey hair) pictured with two of his male students and their apparently female-friendly frock. Oh sign me up to wear that on a fat day, puh-lease.

The head of Australia’s most prestigous fashion school has labelled the
way Sydney women dress today as "trashy" and said the future of
Australian fashion design lies in the hands of men.

Justifying why he’s chosen only men to represent the school at fashion week this year, he says women can’t design for other women.
"Girls are designing more for themselves and for their girlfriends" he told the Telegraph. "They do ruffles and minis and more frou-frou looks. It is for the way that women are dressing today. They are dressing to go out shopping for men. It is cheap and nasty."

He reckons men are better at designing clothes for women.  "They are creating intelligent design that shows women in a very professional, slick and stylish way," he said. "It is still sexy but classy as well."

What a load of bollocks.

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