The most dramatic moment on The Voice had nothing to do with a catfight.

One singer’s performance inspired tears and a standing ovation.

Last night was the most dramatic episode of The Voice this season. And it had nothing to do with a cat-fight between the female judges.

OK, the hype around it may have been a little much. After seeing the previews, I was expecting a contestant to quit the show mid-tantrum. Or light the auditorium on fire while holding the judges (freshly outfitted, thank you very much) hostage.

But it definitely provided on the drama front.

the voice judges cried
Mark (left) and Tim (right) during their emotional performance. Image via Nine.

As the battle rounds continued (for those not accustomed to Voice lingo, that’s where two contestants sing a song effectively against each other and one gets kicked off), the anticipation grew – largely thanks to Nine’s editing.

The final battle between 23-year-old Mark Stefanoff and wheelchair-bound Tim McCallum, 34, received a standing ovation from the crowd and all the judges and had many in tears.

The two tenors gave a rousing rendition of The Impossible Dream from the musical Man of La Mancha.

You can see the emotional performance here:

As the two men sang their hearts out, Jessie J had tears pouring down her face. Delta came and sat on her chair to comfort her, then kept a protective arm around her as she said her piece. (What catfight?)

Jessie told Tim: “You’re like the most inspirational person I’ve ever seen on The Voice, ever. And I’m so annoyed that there’s no steals – I wish both of you could go through, but you can’t. And that sucks. I’m not going to say who I think should because I think you both of you should.”

From Delta: “Tim, you are truly an inspiration. And I swear to God, Mark, you have everything it takes to have a lifelong career in music. I wish you both so much love and thank you both very much.”

the voice judges cried
Image via Nine.

The Maddens said watching Tim sing was “a really joyful experience” and they were “blown away” by Mark’s improvement.

But after three judges not delivering any kind of verdict, it was down to Ricky.

“I gave you this song because of what I thought it would mean to you both and I was really hoping for you to bring out your story, and you did,” he said.

“And you got a standing ovation from the crowd. Mark, I believe you’re incredibly brave just for showing up again… And, Tim, to say that I admire you and that you inspire me is an understatement, it’s not enough. I hate seeing one of you go, but I have to make a decision… Tim.”

the voice judges cried
Tim and Mark. Image via Nine.

Mark was as gracious a loser as Tim was a winner.

Tim was greeted offstage by his wife with a kiss and by his service dog with a couple of sloppy licks to the face.

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