"Don't threaten me, babe": Boy George and Seal's tense exchange on The Voice.

Last year it was Jessie J and Delta Goodrem whose spats stole attention from The Voice competitors, but this year it’s the male judges who just can’t seem to get along.

Things got heated off-stage during Sunday’s episode of the Channel Nine reality singing show as legendary artists Boy George and Seal competed to claim tradie, Rennie Adams.

The 31-year-old aspiring singer’s voice prompted all judges to press their buzzers and Boy George was not about to let Adams go to Seal without a fight.

Watch the exchange:

“Seal always says this like he’s the only one up here that can do that,” Boy George said about his fellow judge’s promises.

“But you know, we’re all capable of doing that, do you know what I mean? It’s actually about what you can do.”

Seal responded by boasting of his past success on the show.

“George, do your Googles mate. I’ve won it twice,” the 54-year-old said.


“I’ve heard of you. It’s OK,” Boy George replied cheekily. “Remember, winning is just losing with a temporary smile – you can’t win everything, babe.”

“There’s a lot of ego up here and that’s just Seal.”

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After Adams chose to join Seal’s team, the singer offered a sarcastic fist-bump and said warned his co-host to “be very careful”.

“Be very careful?” Boy George said to Kelly Rowland, “What does that even mean?”

“Apparently I’ve gotta be careful,” the 55-year-old said to the audience. “That’s never gonna happen, love. Never. I helped you win him – you should be thanking me, not getting upset.”

On camera to the producers, Boy George added, “I don’t get all bent out of shape if I don’t get someone.”

“I’m here to have fun and I’m not going to be told by anyone to ‘watch myself.’ Don’t threaten me, babe. It’s not gonna work.”

And if you were afraid that would be the end of it between the pop icons, never fear. Boy George promised he could make Jessie J and Delta’s infamous feud “look like bloody puss in boots”.

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