The Voice: the most watched show on TV. Discuss.

Falling in love with Joel Madden was never something that I had ever thought about, truth be known I wasn’t really that sure who he was. I knew something about Good Charlotte and the fact that he had a twin brother called Benji, but I never knew how emotional he was. And how kind. Guess I never knew that about Seal or Keith Urban either. Delta I suspected was kind but last night was the night I fell in love with Joel.

I’m talking of course about The Voice the new reality show from Channel Nine  that last night had 2.5 million viewers spellbound.

The concept of The Voice is pretty simple. Four ‘superstar musician coaches’ (Delta Goodrem, Seal, Keith Urban and Joel Madden)  select teams of twelve artists based solely on hearing that artist perform – there are no visual cues.

During the auditions the coaches sit with their backs to the artist, if a coach likes what they hear, they push a button to select the artist for their team of competitors, (they’ll need to select 12 acts in total).  As they push the button their chair swivels so that they are facing the artists they have selected. If more than one coach selects the artist, it gets really interesting because instead of the coach judging the artist, the artist needs to choose from the coaches, judging which one he/she thinks will serve them best.

It makes for pretty gripping, emotional TV. Especially when they have acts like this:

So far, it’s only been two nights, Keith Urban, Seal and Joel Madden have taken on four artists. Delta just one.

And you know what’s pretty damn great? You can watch the show with your whole family and there is very little chance that your child will want to start messing, er I mean cooking in your kitchen.

Did you watch The Voice?