A contestant sang a Delta Song on The Voice. Delta didn't turn around.

She was born to try. And try she did. Though sadly for this young girl, it wasn’t quite enough to turn the chair of her idol…

Esther Hermann from Point Lonsdale, sang her heart out on The Voice Australia tonight. And the 17-year-old made a VERY brave choice, singing Delta Goodrem’s own number one hit, Born To Try.

17-year-old Esther Hermann.

Sadly, it didn’t quite pay off. Esther was clearly very nervous, and as Jessie J pointed out, had some trouble with her breathing and pitch.

Turn, Delta. Turn. TURN!

The crowd (and the Madden Brothers) urged Delta to spin around for Esther. But despite being very touched by the song choice, the performance was not enough to make the 30-year-old Innocent Eyes singer hit her big, red button and spin her big, red chair.

“The only reason I didn’t turn around is that you’re just not ready YET,” said Delta (for approximately the 8258296th time this season), after giving her fan a big hug and thanking her for choosing her song.

Delta was touched. But clearly, not enough.

Singing a coach’s song in the hopes of turning that coach’s chair is a risky, risky move (as Damielous Shavelle learned last week, after singing a Jessie J song and failing to turn the British songtress’ chair.)

If you’re amazing, they might be thrilled and turn immediately. Or they might be threatened and not want you to show them up.

If you’re… somewhat less that amazing, they might turn out of sympathy.

Or they might site on their hand, feeling a little miffed you murdered their song on national television.

Watch the Jessie J segment here (post continues after video):

Delta’s decision has split opinions on social media and in the Mamamia office.

Should Delta have turned the chair for her young fan?

Was she good enough?

Or is singing a judges song merely a sneaky ploy to guilt them into turning?

What do you think? Should Delta have turned her chair?

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