FLUFF: Watch The Voice last night? Let's debrief.

This is no ordinary reality TV show. This is The Voice. It has big red chairs. It has big famous names.

Just look at these judges. Specifically Kylie Minogue. Look at Kylie Minogue. There she is, just being Kylie Minogue.

Joel Madden, Kylie Minogue, Will.i.am and Ricky Martin.

Having Kyles back on our screens may be the most exciting thing since Charlene got married on Neighbours. So yeah, we’ve been waiting a long time for this. And finally, we’ve got the perfect Voice-related pun: Every time Kylie turns her chair, she’s – wait for it, wait for it –  Spinning Around. 

Then there’s one of the Black Eyed Peas, Will.i.am, who is weird in a cool way. But mostly weird in a weird way. And Joel Madden who’s funny in a brief smile kind of way.

And Ricky Martin, the final judge, his performance was amazing! Oh wait no, that was just a mini Ricky Martin look-alike called Carlos Velazquez singing Beyonce’s Crazy In Love. It is worth watching his performance for the part where they all speak Spanish. Both the contestant and Judges got way sexier after it:

If all this enthusiasm for a singing show is a bit lost on you, do not fret. Some clever soul invented the easiest way to get into reality TV. Enter: The Voice Australia drinking game:

We thought maybe Voice fever had passed, but 2.155 million viewers tuned in last night to prove us wrong. Bring it on.

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