The Veronicas just found out the hard way you should never get into a stranger's car.

The Veronicas are a force to be reckoned with.

Identical twin sisters Lisa and Jessica Origliasso have a whole swag of awards spilling out of their bedrooms, have toured Australia and the world promoting their hit songs and have even found time to do little things like volunteer to help save the environment.

Look, it’s safe to say they’ve been pretty busy. Which probably explains why they have not found time to learn the basic rules around cars and Stranger Danger.

The trouble started when comedian Katie Burch rolled up alongside them. They then willingly got into the car while telling her their names (at this stage I would not have been surprised it they had also offered up their home addresses and bank details) and strapping on their seat belts.

What followed next was the stuff that nightmares are made of…if your nightmare is being driven around a pleasant suburb by a driver who appears to have an excellent handle on the road rules and asks probing personal questions about your life, that is.

“You guys are so tiny, do you need to sit in a booster seat?” asked Burch as soon as they were settled in the vehicle, which as kidnappers go, was a very thoughtful thing to say.

The Veronicas trapped in the car with comedian Katie Burch.

Burch, the host of  Youi's online series Who's in The Car, then followed it up with: “Wait, which one of you is dating Ruby Rose? She’s a big deal.”

When Jessica cheerfully piped up that it was her, Burch wasted no time in handing her a rose to hold because "I can't remember which one you are and I forgot to bring name tags".

“Is it hard, that she’s so much more famous than you are?" she continued to probe. "Man, I couldn’t handle it if my partner got famous. That’s why I made him go on Centrelink."

At one stage, the musical duo attempted to escape, with Lisa belting out one of the band's hits in an attempt to notify bystanders that THE Veronicas were trapped in a moving vehicle.

But Burch was too smart to fall for that, and quickly put an end to Lisa's call for help.

“It’s not carpool karaoke guys, shoosh shoosh.”

But don't worry, The Veronicas will live to fight and sing another day. Which is a great thing, because their new single The Only High is quite sublime. It's worth being stuck in a car for.

You can watch the full video above. Who's In The Car is a new online video series by Youi car insurance.

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