The Veronicas copped an epic roasting on last night's edition of 'Hard Chat'.

Wednesday night was the series finale of Hard Chat, Tom Gleeson’s infamous segment on ABC program, The Weekly With Charlie Pickering, and the comedian packed a vicious but glorious punch in his brutal questioning of pop duo The Veronicas.

Taking aim at their singing, their popularity, Jess Origliasso’s relationship with Ruby Rose and their propensity for outlandish costumes, it appeared almost anything the singers do well was fair game.

Asking the twins if they “ever think of splitting up and having one solo career?”, Gleeson suggested perhaps their work could be halved if they simply pretend they’re one person.

“I feel like maybe The Veronicas is too well known now,” Lisa said.


As cutting as always, Gleeson was no-nonsense in his reply.

“Hmmm ... you might be over-estimating your popularity."

Next on the hit list was their talent for singing.

“Twins can feel each other's pain ... Does that mean when you’re singing you’re both in agony?”

And then, well, it was their habit if spruiking quite a few products, including ones for Calvin Klein, Estee Lauder and Target.

"Do you ever wish you could leave the music behind and focus on your real passion - endorsements?" he posed.

"We really need money," the twins replied.

"And that might be the most truthful answer we have given this whole interview."

Watch the full interview here: