The Veronicas have some choice words for those criticising their bodies.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from The Veronicas meteoric return to our radars, it’s that fans have started to believe their bodies are as much public property as their music is.

In the endless cycle that celebrities defending themselves against body-shaming armchair critics, twins Lisa and Jessica Origliasso are finding themselves talking as often about their newest single as they are about their appearance.

After hosting last week’s ARIA Awards in Sydney (and that red glittery performance to boot) the 31-year-old twins have told The Daily Telegraph the constant comments about their bodies does take its toll.

“We have been getting it for such a long time,” Lisa said. “You get tired of it.”

“If there is a legitimate conversation to be had around young people being healthy, then we are happy to discuss things, but no one has ever come to us with that. It is always a personal attack. We are comfortable in our bodies, we know how healthy we are.”


A quick glance at the timeline that is the twins’ consistent defence of their own bodies shows the narrative hasn’t changed in years.

In January of 2015, Jess wrote a post on Facebook as a means of directly challenging a comment someone had posted which stated that “by existing at the weight [they] currently are, by being themselves, [they] are encouraging young people to have eating disorders”.

She wrote at the time that she and her sister are constantly being compared to themselves as they were in 2005, when they lived on an unhealthy diet of gummy bears, beer and Taco Bell.

The incredible 12-year evolution of The Veronicas in pictures. Post continues after gallery.

“But if you ask people who ‘look in’ from the outside, THAT is meant to be when ‘The Veronicas looked the healthiest’. What. a. joke,” she wrote.

Just months later, in June of the same year, the girls were forced to comment on the constant shaming in another interview with The Daily Telegraph.

“If you’re skinny, they say you’re unhealthy,” Lisa lamented at the time.

“Go look at my mother. She is built exactly as we are. Genetically, we are petite girls. We are never going to be anything other than petite girls,” she said.

Then, in July of 2016, the sisters (justifiably) came out swinging against a fan who offered to “pay for their food” so they could “eat more”, replying with a long shopping list of what they would need for just one day’s worth of meals.

“Perfect! Here’s our daily shopping/eating list for 1 day, let us know where you’ll be sending it!” they wrote, before listing items such as 10 potatoes, a bag each of quinoa and rice, two tubs of hummus, and tubs of blueberries and strawberries.

“That is just one day shopping list…But you would prefer we just ‘eat a cheeseburger’, right?” the girls finished.