The top 10 beauty products when it's stinking hot.

Nicky Champ

Man, it’s hot out there. Frizzy hair? Melted make-up? Shiny skin? Oh yes. Many Capital Cities still have temperatures hovering in the 30 degree range. Mamamia’s beauty blogger and make-up artist Nicky Champ reviews the products that won’t slide off your face:

Between the heat and the humidity, chances are your makeup will melt the moment you step out of air conditioning. Powder is pointless, sunscreen can leave your skin looking greasy and mascara can smudge and make you look Panda-esque. So how do you avoid looking like a wilted, sweaty version of yourself?

Here are some easy ways to keep the grease factor low, even when its a million degrees out.

1. Facial Mists
As a rosacea sufferer, I can’t get enough of the spritz. I carry one at all times, in my handbag, in my desk at work and fridge at home. Facial mists are super calming and great for all skin types during Summer. You can use them as a toner before you apply moisturiser, throughout the day to refresh the face, to wet your brushes (see below) and to create a lighter lotion out of your cleanser or moisturiser. Aveeno and Evian have inexpensive springwater versions, The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Face Mist $23.95 is also a good one and if you are into organic, MV Skincare has a beautifully scented Rose Hydrating Mist $35.

Smiths Rosebud Salve

2. Tinted Lip Balm
Lip glosses are way too sticky on hot days, opt for a tinted lip balm instead. I pick up Smiths Rosebud Salve whenever I’m at a pharmacy, not only because of the cute tin but for it’s multi purpose uses on dry elbows and cuticles, not to mention the flattering rose-tinted colour. Other beauties include Shizen’s Tinted Lip Conditioner , Benefit Benetint Lip Balm SPF 15 and RMS lip shine in Bloom $29.

3. Blotting Paper
These might sound like something your granny would carry around in her make up purse, but they are so handy to have on hand, especially if you have oily skin. Use these for dabbing away sweat without smudging your foundation, absorbing excess oil and they are gentle. Bloom and Jane Iredale both have inexpensive compact versions. Bloom blotting papers $9.95 , Jane Iredale Blotting Paper Refill $8 for 100
4. SPF+ foundation

If you have great skin, skip the foundation and just apply a sunscreen like Nivea Sun Daily Face Veil 30+if you are going to be outdoors. If you want a bit of coverage, Invisible Zinc UV Foundation Stick $42 is a great product. Apply it straight from the tube onto your face, blending it in with your fingers. This product allows your skin to breathe (and sweat) but stays on and after application leaves the skin with a velvety finish. Just like a 3 in 1 product, without the heaviness of concealer, foundation and powder.

Benefit Brows a Go Go

5. Metallic shadows
The new metallic eye shadows have great staying power. My current favourite is Mac Paint Pot in Vintage Selection $35, it’s a colour that will suit most skin tones. To apply, dab rather than smear these on and blend over the lid area, into your crease. If you want a bit more depth, apply them with a wet brush. Other great metallic shadows are Bobbi Brown Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Velvet Plum and if you want brights then go for Illamasqua Liquid Metals $44.00 range.

6. Gel Eyeliners
Easier to apply than liquid liners, gel eyeliners are long-wearing, don’t smudge and can be removed easily with eye make up remover. Keep these pots stored upside down to keep them from drying out. Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner is my favourite and comes in fantastic colours like Denim and Violet Ink. ModelCo also has a black version that comes with a handy built in brush. ModelCo Gel Eyeliner with Inbuilt Brush, $32.

7. Smudge proof mascara

Heading straight to the beach after work? A smudge-proof mascara will ensure you don’t end up with giant panda bear eyes. The new formulations will stick to your lashes through humidity, sweat and tears and come off easily with warm water. Gentler on lashes than waterproof mascaras. I recommend TheBalm Two Timer $32.95, Clinique’s Lash Power and Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Mascara.

Morrocan Oil Curl Control Cream

8. Brow Wax

When your eyebrows are done properly, they can take years off your face. Benefit has a ridiculously great kit available in Brows a Go Go for both fair and dark skin. I thought Lana had Botox when she last used this. Seriously. The point of brow wax is that it provides a base for brow pencils and shadows to adhere to and last. All. Day. Benefit Brows A Go Go Kit $68.

9. Oil Cleansers

You might have previously steered clear of oil cleansers, but don’t. They suit all skin types and are great for removing sunscreen or hard to budge SPF products. Apply to skin with wet fingers, work into a lather then rinse off, wiping away with a face cloth. Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil is the best one I’ve found.

10. Curl control cream

Humidity is the enemy of the curly and wavy-haired. Everyone’s favourite hair brand, Moroccan Oil, have just launched the soon to be cult status, Curl Control Cream. This won’t weigh your hair down, holds curls in place while controlling frizz and creating shine. Moroccan Oil Curl Control Cream $44.50.

What are the products you are using during the crazy summer heat?
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