A look at the beautiful occasions where Kate Middleton has dressed like Princess Diana.

This week, as the world commemorated the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, many eyes fixated on her daughter-in-law, The Duchess of Cambridge, as she joined Harry and William to pay tribute to their late mother.

With the eyes of the world on her, her dress was important. It paid the perfect tribute, fashion critics said.

Of course, the two never knew each other. And yet, there are some unbreakable threads that bind them. Prince William, for one. And then, their unique ability to make the royal family appear relevant in the times we began to lose interest. Their presence, their warmth, their ability to draw a crowd, and then, yes, their style.

Princess Diana was forever known as a style icon. Kate Middleton, the Duchess, is slowly carving a reputation as her own kind.

And proving good style never goes out of fashion, nor do the choices of a Princess, these are just a handful of times Kate Middleton dressed just like the late Princess Diana…

Click through our gallery to see all the similarities in the way Diana and Kate dress…

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