Reddit reveals things guys hate about other guys are what women hate too.

An incredibly enlightening community of men have revealed the things they hate about other men – and incredibly, they are the things women love to complain about too.

One-upping, pissing on the toilet seat, bragging about sex, cat-calling from cars and bitching about their wives… they’re basically the same complaints, said with a few more ‘dudes’ thrown in.

The discussion began six days ago on anonymous forum Reddit after one user asked the question:

“Guys, what pisses you off about other guys?”

The thread has amassed almost 15,000 responses from men who offer, share and discuss the things that piss them off.

Topics range from guys who are too macho, too mean and – our favourite – guys who harass women on the street.

Bravo, guys of Reddit.

The Macho Man

“When they walk like they are carrying invisible watermelons under their arms.”

“Dudes who get hyper-aggressive at you for perceived slights like almost brushing by them or breathing the same air as their girlfriends. Dude, you don’t need to show dominance, we’re not apes. Well, maybe you are.”

Film: Macho Man. Source: DEF Filmproduktion Nürnberg.

The Bragger

"Guys who need to brag about how much pussy they get."

“Dude I bet I can drink more than you. Dude I bet I can lift more than you. Dude I bet I can fuck more chicks than you. Dude I'm more of a man than you.”

“Anything dude can do I can dude better, I can dude anything better than you.”

Men Who Change Around Women.

"They completely change their personality when attractive women are around. "

"Yeah this drives me insane-- they'd be the coolest guy in general, do anything for you, pretty laidback etc. Suddenly hot girl around? Say douchy things, ignore you, screw over plans for later because their shadowing her to the next bar instead."

Pissing On The Toilet Seat


"When they don't put the seat up to take a piss and piss gets on the seat so I'm the one that has to clean it before I can take a shit. Seriously? Put the seat up before you piss!"

Cat Callers

"The fact that they feel the need to yell/catcall/whistle at attractive girls on the street. I never realized how prevalent it was until I started dating my girlfriend. Literally every time we're out in public, some dudebro yells out his window at her (or me). What the fuck do you expect to accomplish doing this?"

Film: Magic Mike. Source: Warner Bros.

The Pack Mentality

"I don't like the group dynamics when you get a lot of guys together. People will be just fine one on one, but get them together and it seems they totally change their personality."

"When you have a "friend" with whom you can have great conversation with 1:1, but the moment other people come around, their number one priority is to insult you in every way possible."

Men Who Change After Getting Girlfriends

"Guys who completely change their personality after they get a girlfriend. Bonus points if they completely revert back to themselves and reintegrate back into the group like the last 9 months didn't happen."

"My friend group has a friend like this, we've nicknamed him 'The Chameleon'. He's been a vegan, a stoner, a party animal, and others just because the girlfriend at the time was a vegan, or a stoner, or a party animal."

Bitching About Wives

"Bitching about their wives or significant others. Either you're complaining about "Wife Aggro" and "needing permission" because you're afraid to admit you like spending time with your wife, which is stupid, or worse, you hate the relationship that you're in."

"Serious answer? Nearly every married guy I know trash talks their wife. Sometimes I feel I am the only guy who actually likes his wife. It just gets old. Then I am made to feel like the ass cause I don't join in on the "Let's bitch about our wives" sewing circle these assholes start up. Don't get me wrong I am not all m'lady here. I believe in the words my wife told me once: "All men are assholes and all women are bitches.""


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Beardy Bros.

“The glorification of beards these days pisses me off. And I have a beard!”

“The guys who base their whole identity on their beard. Cringe.”

The Alpha Male

"Dudes who are constantly trying to establish "alpha" status in a social situation. The ones who just met you and rag on you like they know you, have no sense of humour beyond that, and turn everything into a pissing contest. Just reeks of insecurity and it's really annoying."

The Evils of the Ego

"Egos. I swear to god every guy thinks they'll be a millionaire one day even if they never had a job that paid more than 10/hr, live at their mums, and just "borrowed" a gram of dope from me."

Bad BO

"Body odor, how the fuck can you not notice the smell? I can smell you from 10 feet away, have a shower and apply deodorant."