Get ready to change the way you think about "superheroes".

Children with special needs aren’t just strong. They’re superheroes.

Renee Bergeron, 38, wants the world to appreciate the bravery and strength special needs children have to overcome challenges everyday. So she gives them a cape, a wand and some goggles to transform them into the superheroes they truly are.

“I think a lot of people look at others with special needs and think of them as “less” in some ways,” Mrs. Bergeron, recently told The Mighty. “Let’s face it, though — these kids are all fighters. The obstacles they overcome daily just to cope in our world ought to make us all see them as superheroes.”

Renee’s son Apollo.

For Renee, this subject is very close to her heart. Her own son, Apollo, who is now four, was diagnosed with a rare heart defect when he was 18 months old and, in addition to undergoing several medical procedures and surgeries, had to be fitted with a feeding tube at a young age.

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Despite his tumultuous childhood, Renee said he would always pose for photos with an overwhelming confidence – which made her want to document that same power in other children.

This is the Superhero Project.

What does being a superhero mean to you?