Here's how fast germs go from the toilet to your desk to your mouth

A lot of you reading this right now are sitting at a desk. A lot of you are seated, with your fingers spread-eagled over your key board.

If you had one of those germ-revealing lights, what would lie beneath your fingertips?

A gruesome new video shows how your keyboard could be riddled with dangerous bacteria – bacteria that you have unknowingly brought over from the bathroom.

And guess what? The next stop for those invisible sick-inducers? Your mouth, when you snack on those nuts at your desk.



A statistic that you can’t ignore is that one in four office workers don’t wash their hands after they’ve done their business – so even if you are pedantic after you pee, there are germ spreading culprits all around you…

I’ll give you a moment to cast your colleagues a suspicious glare.


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In the video Dr Lisa Ackerley, Professorial Fellow at the Royal Society of Public Health reveals, “If you go to the toilet and you don’t put the lid down before you flush, when you do flush the germs that are in the toilet will spread around the toilet cubicle.

‘This means they could land on the toilet seat or toilet paper itself and that means they could be spread on your hands and other surfaces later on.”

This germ-spread was coined the ‘sneeze effect’. Ackerly recommends using an antibacterial seat cleaner to wipe the germs away.

So the moral of this icky story? WASH YOUR HANDS. Around half of the illnesses that spreads through the workplace like wildfire can be reduced hand washing.

How do you wash your hands properly? In the video, Ackerley advises 20 seconds of washing, then, “dry your hands completely and you’ve done the job.”

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