All the adorable (and honest) photos from Sophie Cachia's daughter's first birthday party.

This weekend Sophie Cachia’s daughter, Florence, turned one. To celebrate, the blogger and businesswoman hosted a party with family and friends.

It was fairy-floss pink. There were gorgeous cupcakes. And those fancy balloons people seem to have at parties these days. And an adorably cute tutu for the birthday girl, designed by mum for her new kids clothing venture, Fairy Magic.

Overall,  it was very aesthetically pleasing.

But if you’re thinking the parties you throw for your kids would have zero in common with Cachia’s, you’d be wrong. Because in true The Young Mummy style, she shared the less glamorous reality of what goes on behind the Instagram- perfect photos too.

Cue general chaos, party mess and parents enjoying a cheeky champers, or four, in the corner to get through it all.

Check out the gallery below for all the adorable, and honest, photos from Florence’s first birthday party…


Cachia also shared some more personal memories from her first year with Florence, because there’s more to this important milestone than fairies and streamers.

“We had some rough nights in ambulances and hospital all throughout this year with multiple nasty cases of bronchitis/asthma/croup, and I hated every second of it seeing you like that. But everyday I wake up and see my babies smiling, happy and healthy and I thank to heavens above that I’m blessed with you two everyday,” she captioned this personal photo before Florence’s big day.


In another post, Cachia shared some beautiful photos from the moment she met her daughter for the first time.

Here’s to another safe, happy and healthy year for Sophie, Florence and their family.

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