An in-depth look at what the cast of The Sleepover Club looks like now.

If you’re a child of the 90s then you likely remember the series that would become your friendship goals for your entire teens: The Sleepover Club.

Based around a group of five best friends, who have regular sleepovers in order to make up their exclusive club, this Aussie series carved out a space in our hearts while it was on our screens between 2002 and 2004 – which is a while considering there were just 26 episodes.

(There was a second season with all new girls, apparently, but somehow we don’t remember it.)

With the new year reminding us that this series ended more than a decade ago(!), we thought we’d take a look at what it’s stars have gotten up to in the 14 years since they waged war with the M&Ms.

Francesca ‘Frankie’ Thomas

Image: Nine/Getty.

The main leader of the Sleepover Club was none other than Caitlin Stasey.

She's come a long way since her days navigating boys and bullies in the fictional suburb of Crescent Bay.

Before she became the face of the 'free-the-nipple' movement on Instagram, Stasey appeared as Rachel Kinski in Neighbours, as well as Ellie Linton in the film adaptation of John Marsden's bestseller Tomorrow When the War Began, and Clare in Josh Thomas' Please Like Me.

If you scan her Instagram, you'll see Stasey is now a passionate feminist and environmentalist, and routinely posts images of her underarm hair and in 'uncomfortable' positions in an effort to change our stereotypical ideals of feminine beauty and sexuality.

She even founded a feminist website called Herself.

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Kenny Tan

Image: Nine/Instagram.

Hannah Wang played Kenny Tan, the sporty one of the group.

She hasn't really been in too much since those days. But she did graduate with a Bachelor of Arts from Sydney Uni.

She also hasn't forgotten her Sleepover Club days, posting this throwback on Instagram this month.


Lydnsey 'Lyndz' Collins

Image: Nine/Twitter.

Playing one of the M&Ms back in the day, Basia A'Hern hasn't been in too much since 2010.

But she did play Lucia Jones in Aussie drama, Out of the Blue, and Rose Hall in 13 episodes of McLeod's Daughters.

Oh and P.S. pre-Sleepover Club, she was in a show called Don't Blame the Koalas. Just thought you should know that.

Felicity 'Fliss' Sidebotham

Image: Nine/Twitter.

Although Ashleigh Chisholm, who played the 'girly one', Fliss was in Home and Away before The Sleepover Club, she hasn't done heaps since.

She was in horror film called Submerged in 2011. Yeah.

Rosie Cartwright

(Images via Nine/Getty.)

As Rosie, Eliza Taylor stood out as being the last member to join, the one with the British accent and the brains of the group.   

Mirroring her own characters drive for success, Taylor has forged a downright formidable film career, rivalled only by on-screen enemy Matthew (Ryan Corr) and Caitlin Stasey.

She's starred in more than a dozen films and TV shows, including (yes, also) Neighbours and since 2014 has played Clarke Griffin in the incredible post-apocalyptic hit series The 100, which is currently streaming on Netflix.

Matthew McDougal

(Images via Nine/Getty.)

Former M&M leader Ryan Corr is recognisable for his many memorable roles iconic Aussie TV series, including Blue Water High, Underbelly, Packed to The Rafters, Love Child and Cleverman.

He's also dipped his toe into film acting, most notably playing Lieutenant Manville in 2016's Hacksaw Ridge.

Yep, he's one of the most successful of the orginal bunch. He also happens to be the charged with drug possession after he was found with heroin in May 2014. Corr - who said this was his first time taking the drug - escaped conviction, being slapped with only a good behaviour bond, and has since been getting his life and career back on track.

Michael Collins

(Images via Nine/Facebook.)

Blake Hampson, who played Lyndz' twin brother Michael hasn't acted since ending his time on the show in 2003. He now has a career that seems to involve entrepreneurship and business, but is tied to everything from healthcare to IT and if you want to know more about his odd philosophical views, you can read his About.Me page.

Marco de Pieri

(Images via Nine/Facebook.)

Apart from a brief role on Neighbours (we know - who hasn't been on that show?) Stefan Le Rosa aka Marco hasn't acted in anything outside of The Sleepover Club and now appears to be living a normal life in Melbourne.

There's really not much else to say.

Sara and Alana

(Images via Nine/Getty.)

Sleepover club rival Sara and her lacky Alana were played by Annalise Woods and Ashleigh Brewer.

While Wood's film career never really took off, Brewer went on to feature in another beloved tween series, H20: Just Add Water, before landing an ongoing role as Kate Ramsey in Neighbours, which earned her a spot in the soapie to end all soapies: The Bold and The Beautiful.

(Another fun fact about Brewer: she once shared a Melbourne apartment with fellow Neighbours alumni Margot Robbie.)

As Ivy Forrester, the 27-year-old earned herself a lot of fans and has just finished filming two upcoming movies. We expect there's a lot more to come from Alana, who has well and truly stepped out of Sara's shadow.

Ryan Scott

If you're reading this, send us a recent pic Craig! (Image via Nine.)

Who could forget Fliss' longtime crush Ryan? Craig Marriott, who played the character, already had a handful of credits to his name before he joined the show, including a role in the 1990s US TV incarnation of Flipper, which also starred Jessica Alba. After the show though, the only went on to land two small parts in H20: Just Add Water and the movie Nim's Island, both in 2008.

After which it looks like he gave up on his acting career.