The red flags your partner is a narcissist - according to a psychologist.

Karen Arluck, a clinical psychotherapist in private practice, on the 10 signs a loved one might be a narcissist…

1. A lack of object constancy and constant splitting

Meaning when this person is angry, they are unable to connect to any of their previously positive feelings towards you. You will quickly go from being “all good” to “all bad” in their mind frequently.

2. They will be easily narcissistically injured

They will frequently feel someone else caused them to feel angry, humiliated, ignored, or discarded.

3. An obsession with self perception

A person with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is likely to be very concerned with how they viewed by others at all times.

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4. Status is everything

They care a great deal about having a high status in whatever their interests are: financial wealth, intelligence, appearance, career, impressive romantic partner, etc.

5. Threats of retaliation

When they feel wronged, they will often talk about retaliating in some way. For example, firing them, dumping them, suing them, writing a scathing review, so on.

6. A dislike of being proven wrong

They will not take kindly to being “corrected” or proven wrong about anything, especially publicly.

7.  A rigid view of hierarchy

Someone with NPD will often admire and “suck up to” the people they view as above them, and devalue the people they view as below them.

8. A lack of self awareness

Most people with NPD will not have any awareness of their own role in negative situations.

9. A tendency to feel guilty

This person is likely to suffer from a lot of shame and guilt, and do everything they can to avoid feeling this way.

10. The real clincher

They are unlikely to self-identify as having NPD.

This post originally appeared on Quora, and has been republished with full permission.