#TheDress has absolutely nothing on #TheShoe.

Image: Twitter.

Remember that time a simple black and blue gold and white dress threatened to tear the world in two?

Friendships were obliterated, celebrities and politicians weighed in, and the whole #dressgate mess made us question everything. Do we all see the same colours? Is colour a construct? Are those people seeing black and blue actually insane? WHAT IS HAPPENING?

Remember this? Good times.


Now we've all recovered and peace has been restored, you'll be pleased/horrified to know there's a whole new sartorial colour conundrum blazing across the internet. Brace yourselves.

The inferno was sparked by Ava Munro, an unassuming 14-year-old who couldn't decide which nail polish shade to wear with a pair of heels for an upcoming gala event.

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When her friends couldn't deliver a verdict on pink vs purple, Munro resorted to a quick crowdsource on Twitter, as one is wont to do in this age of digital connectivity:

The Tweet that started it all


It was an innocent question, but it soon spiralled out of control. The original post has now amassed more than 6000 retweets, debate is raging, and Munro has been left a little dazed and confused. Understandably.

"I was hoping that only a couple of people would answer ... and now it turned into this huge thing," she tells ABC News.

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Evidently, a shoe and a couple of bottles of nail polish are enough to make you famous these days. (Post continues after gallery.)


Despite being flooded with comments and media coverage from every corner of the Earth, Munro still doesn't have the definitive answer she was seeking. Some commenters think pink, others insist on purple, and then some are suggesting she mix the two shades together. Clever cookies.

We're divided here in The Glow office, but our Acting Beauty Editor Carla came up with a happy compromise: "Live on the wild side and don't match your shoes to your nail polish. Glitter nails are the best neutral!"

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Regardless of which polish Munro eventually goes with, we reckon she should wear her heels with that godforsaken dress, grab a mocktail (she's 14, after all), and stand back as the sheer force of the combined optical illusion causes the entire universe to self-combust.

So, here we are again. Are you Team Pink, Team Purple, or Team Another Colour Altogether?

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