The Ryan Gosling colouring book challenge.

Would somebody PLEASE hand us some crayons already?

Look what we just found, printed out and promptly pinned above our desks. It’s the Ryan Gosling Colouring book!

It’s been years since we’re pulled out the Derwent 72-colour pencil box and navigated the space between the lines but for the release of this new toy (made by Maiden in the UK, which you can buy in full here), we thought now would be the perfect time to bring our artistic talents to the world.

The problem is, none of us have any artistic talents. But we thought some of the Mamamia readers just might.

So we’ve turned Ryan Gosling into a competition! The outline of the gorgeous man is above. Your task? Print it off, colour it in and post a photo of your colouring skills work in the comments section.

The reader whose drawing has the most thumbs up by this time tomorrow wins a prize. (Which may or may not be Ryan Gosling.) Now go forth and colour.

You can make his hair blue or his eyes yellow. We don’t mind, as long as you COLOUR HIM GOOD.

Here’s one we prepared earlier:

Thanks to our MM intern Kahla. She’s created ‘Ryan at a festival’.