The Royal Nanny is basically Mary Poppins.

Practically perfect, in every way.

The Royal Family stepped out on the weekend for that other babies christening (you know, the sister to George). But our favourite part of the event wasn’t that chubby-cheeked-baby, or toddler George’s one sock sort of rolled down on his fat little leg, or even Kate’s white frock.



She flew straight in on her umbrella, with her carpet bag, to put things right in the Royal House.

Maria Borrallo at The Christening Of Princess Charlotte Of Cambridge. Via Getty/ Chris Jackson

Only a royal nanny could wear white gloves while handling babies.

From the mission brown Edwardian uniform, complete with it’s crisp, starched collar, to the gloves and natty embroidered felt hat, Maria Borrallo, AKA Mary Poppins, has stepped straight out of the 1940s.

Trained at the esteemed Norland College in London, (which is considered like Harvard for nannies), Borrallo learnt such Poppins skills like using cotton wool instead of wipes to clean royal baby bottoms, carrying tape measures everywhere she goes, and maneuvering those huge shopping trolley-like Silver Cross prams.

That ‘aint no Bugaboo. (Via Getty)

Other Nanny requirements are minimal makeup,  hair up, one pair of stud earrings, flat lace-up shoes, making cleaning up your bedroom pretty fun by turning it into a song, and knowing a decent chimney sweep.


Borrallo, a native of Spain who came recommended to Kate and William, is apparently like another member of the family.

In the most delightful way.

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