WATCH: The best date from The Bachelor didn't even make it to air.


Last week, we introduced you to Clare J.

She’s in her very, very late thirties, her favourite hobby is wearing her clothes inside out by accident and her secret talent is the one hair in the middle of her forehead that grows offensively long overnight.

Just like all her friends, Clare J is sure that Matty will be very impressed with all this.

Clare J changed her last name preemptively.

But here's the problem.

Channel 10 have edited her out of the entire series as though she wasn't even there. And she's not happy about it.

Don't worry if you missed it, you can watch the first installment of The Rogue Bachelorette right here.

Last night, when you heard the clue on the date card that this bachelorette was particularly "creative", it wasn't about Laura at all.

It was (obviously) referring to multi-conceptual-visually-aesthetic-artist, Clare J.

You can watch the exclusive footage above, and let's just say... we think we might know why Channel 10 decided to cut it.

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