It takes a village to raise a child...


As a woman, mother, aunt, carer – anyone with a young person in their lives – you know the extreme love you feel for your child, and the overwhelming desire to do anything to protect them.

As I’m writing this, I am appealing for your help to do just that.

You see, there is a fantastic youth mentoring charity called The Raise Foundation, which significantly improves the lives of vulnerable young people in crisis every day.

Their work is crucial to our young people and I am constantly astounded by all they achieve – but now Raise needs our help.

Founded by Sydney mum Vicki Condon in 2008, the organisation has matched 500 amazing volunteer mentors with young people who need help – from teenage mums with nowhere to turn, to young people battling depression, despair, facing school, learning or social issues. The mentors build their confidence, give them the strength and important life tools to seek support, grow and learn, reaching their potential because people believe in them.

Vicki and her wonderful mentors have organised a fundraising event to be held at Carriageworks in Sydney on Saturday, June 2 – the proceeds from the event fund Raise’s programs for the whole year.

But despite glowing articles in most local newspapers, only 70 people have brought tickets to support the cause.

The not-for-profit organisation needs to sell 200 to break even and continue their important work for a community that needs them.

Raise provides school and community based mentoring programs and personal development workshops for young people who are facing profound challenges in their lives, including mental health, substance abuse, and sexual health issues. These are very real and worrying threats to the health of Australian youth, and the prevalence of these issues is on the rise. Our families and communities are breaking down, and so is the self-esteem of our young people.

Please help Raise teach young people to care about themselves.

Tickets are $150 for the June 2 gala and MCs for the evening are Ch 7’s Mark Beretta and the wonderful Jean Kittson, both strong supporters of the cause.

You can buy tickets at

It takes a village to raise a child – let’s help Raise rear ours.

Lisa Mayoh is a journalist with more than 12 year’s experience, interviewing some of the country’s biggest names during her role as social affairs writer for Australia’s biggest selling newspaper.

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