So the PM didn't curtsy. Do you care?

A very excited Em Rusciano at the airport greeting The Queen

Well hasn’t today been much ado about nothing. The PM didn’t curtsy to the Queen when she arrived but the Governor General did.

Yes, yes, utterly terrible, right? Or just a lot of hot air from monarchists?

The apparent travesty of the ‘botched’ greeting reignited the monarchy vs republican debate in the country. The ‘tradition is lovely’ versus the ‘tradition is bonkers and outdated’ camp.

It’s all a little exhausting.

Here’s what had to say:

“Although she didn’t end up headbutting the Queen, Julia Gillard’s half-handshake, half-bow had the same effect on monarchists.

Matthew Archer, deputy chair of the Victorian branch of the Australian Monarchists League, said Ms Gillard’s choice not to curtsy was rude and impolite: “I understand she thinks we should ditch the monarchy but it’s just a sign of courtesy, it actually would be a sign of respect.”

Within minutes of the footage going to air Twitter users were questioning why the PM did not curtsy.

Today host Lisa Wilkinson tweeted “Small thing: saw GG curtsy the Queen, but not the PM. Anyone know background to that? Statement? Forgot? Bad knee from old skiing injury?”

It’s a lot of chatter from those who care. Someone else who cares, A LOT, is Em Rusciano who takes the story from here:

I am not ashamed to say it. I LOVE the Queen. I really do.

It’s a love that’s pure, long lasting and true. So when the 7pm project asked me to cover her 16th visit (that’s one of MANY useless facts I keep in my head about Liz) I was understandably beside myself.

When she arrived tonight resplendent in an aqua hat, coat and dress with black shoes, gloves and handbag I got very emotional. When the band struck up ‘God save the Queen’ I lost it. Then our FABULOUS Governor General Quentin Bryce showed up all in red (I love her so hard) with Julia Gillard in tow I felt an immense surge of pride for the sisterhood. Three very powerful women and their male handbags!

Back to my love of the Queen.

Spare me your ‘the British Monarchy is inequitable and undemocratic’ – I don’t want to hear it!

Yes, you make a fair point but you will not diminish the admiration and respect I have for the Elizabeth.

As far back as I can remember I have been obsessed with the Royal family, I was very young when Di and Charles married but I still remember LOVING the puffy sleeves and long train on Di’s dress.

It’s the upholding of traditions that I care for most. We live in a highly disposable society, we use things up quickly and move on without much thought or care.

Not the Royals! They maintain and honour tradition, pomp and circumstance. Guards of honour, shiny shoes, parades, ceremonies, crowns, cars with flags, soldiers with fluffy hats- it’s all good stuff friends.

She has been on the throne for 60 years and I think has served with grace and dignity through good and bad times. Some of her family are down right hooligans and have probably driven her to a late night gin or two but through it all Liz has soldiered on.

I am not here to debate whether or not we should become a Republic, even if we did I would still be a fan of the Royal family. Whatever your feelings about the Queen are for now, she is, your Queen. Check your wallet friends, she’s on the money!

Here’s a Gallery of the Queen for your viewing pleasure … with photos of her arrival at the end. Hoorah!

Where do you stand? Republic or monarchy? Do you support the Republic but love the Royal Family? What do you think about Julia Gillard not greeting the Queen in the ‘proper’ way?

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