Just perfect: The Project host skewers Joe Hockey on Islamophobia.

Tony Abbott wants “moderate Muslims” to spread the word of peace. He obviously hasn’t done his research…

The Project host Waleed Aly has served Joe Hockey a dose of reality about the Australian Muslim community.

The Federal Treasurer appeared on the news talk show on Monday to discuss the government’s new anti-terror laws.

Waleed Aly drew the treasurer’s attention to comments made by Prime Minister Tony Abbott:

“Now, I’ve often heard Western leaders describe Islam as a religion of peace. I wish more Muslim leaders would say that more often, and mean it,” Abbott said upon announcing the new laws.

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Aly went on to debunk this clearly unfounded assumption, listing the multitude of statements made by prominent leaders in the Islamic community he found in “five minutes of Googling”.

A article on the Grand Mufti of Australia condemning Sydney siege.

Among those he listed were the Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, and more than 40 Muslim groups condemning the actions of Sydney siege gunman, Man Haron Monis.

Waleed Aly interviewing Joe Hockey on TEN’s The Project. (Screenshot: The Project)

“I could literally go on and on and on, I don’t have time. What more exactly do you want from the Muslim community?” Aly posed.

According to Hockey, the government wants the Muslim community to do “as much as they possibly can.”