The Open House is Netflix's next haunting movie where nothing is what it seems.


Netflix has just dropped the trailer for its latest spooky offering and it’s, well, bloody terrifying.

It stars 13 Reasons Why’s Dylan Minnette and has all the trappings of the spine-tingling horror flick of our dreams – a small town, a creepy old house, and a mysterious intruder.

The Open House, a Netflix original movie, follows the story of Naomi (Piercy Dalton) and her son Logan (Minnette) who move into a relative’s vacation home after a death in the family.

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Everything’s hunky dory… until it’s not.

You see, the house is currently on the market and the occupants have to leave it every time they have an open house.

And after one of said open houses, things start to get a lil’ bit creepy.

They begin to hear noises under the floorboards and become convinced that someone is still in the house.

The local cops come to check it out and reassure them that no one is there.

But… but… there is someone in the house and they’re not your average friendly house-lurker.

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Naomi finds some photos that someone has taken of her while she’s sleeping, and then things just get creepier… and creepier.

It’s safe to say this is the kind of movie that will have you double-checking your locks and looking under your bed.

The Open House drops on Netflix on 19 January… we can’t bloody wait.

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