We have a solution for your binge eating habit. And it's a bit raunchy.

Binge eating gets to the best of us.

Cheese. Chocolate. Chocolate and cheese. Not just one slice. The. Entire. Family-sized. Cadbury. Block. Thank you very much.

If you’re going to do it, may as well do it properly, right?

If only those scales would agree…


Finally, scientists have found a way (meaning a feasible way that doesn’t involve going cold-turkey or eating quinoa) to stop this binge eating cycle. It also doesn’t involve gross smoothies or any sort of diet plan.

In fact, the solution is arguably (I said “arguably”) just as fun as the chocolate itself. It’s sex.

Researchers out of York University found the hormone that is released when we have sex — called oxytocin — also affects appetite and food eating habits.

They found higher levels of oxytocin (like those released after sex) are linked to positive behaviours, including appetite regulation.

“Oxytocin enhances prosocial and related behaviors. Increases in oxytocin tend to decrease appetite — especially the consumption of sweet carbohydrates,” lead researcher Dr Caroline Davis told the Daily Mail. 

Hear that? DECREASE appetite! Particularly of sweet pastries. Mind. Blown.


The magic hormone is also known as the “cuddle hormone”, because it’s released after sex to help bond couples together. It’s said to increase feelings of trust and affection, while also suppressing the urge to splurge on junk food.

If that’s not an excuse for more sex, I don’t know what is.

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