The new trend in gender reveals is guns. Wait, what?

What is the first word that comes to mind when you hear the phrase ‘gender reveal’? Blue? Pink? Coloured cake or balloons?


Guns. Guns is what you should have said (you’re excused).

For those not familiar with the idea of a gender reveal it’s fairly straight forward concept. Once a couple finds out the plumbing of their unborn baby they find a cute little way to announce the info to friends and family usually resorting in floods of happy tears, squeals of excitement and uncontrollable gender specific gift buying by grandparents.



Old Skool Image: istock

But perhaps the cute announcement has taken a step from unique and quirky town well into nutty territory with some couples choosing to use guns to share their news with the world. Yep, real life guns.

Classy, no?

Gone is the box of pastel balloons and it seems that all the coloured cake has been eaten because someone, somewhere decided that the next best way to announce your news to the world is by firing a shot from a loaded gun.

What could possibly go wrong?

The colour of the gun powder used indicates what exactly you are expecting (apart from a trip to the emergency room after one of your guests accidentally stumbles upon your announcement.) The effect is apparently given by mixing coloured chalk with gunpowder prior to the shot being fired.

I hope I don't need to say blue is indicative of a boy and pink, a girl, however I am still a little dumfounded that someone came up with this idea in the first place, so perhaps I do.


It seems though that there is not only one way to work in a theme of firearms for your gender reveal party. (Hooray!)

If you're perhaps not so sure about the coloured gunpowder idea (and why not?), you could always treat your guests to a 'guns or glitter' themed event which is every bit as high brow as it sounds.