The new battleground in abortion law: ultrasounds.

Abortion in the US state of Oklahoma just became even more traumatic with new legislation passed that requires women “to listen to the foetus and view the ultrasound image prior to terminating their pregnancy” Doctors can also now withhold information about foetal defects, to prevent parents from opting for abortion. Wait, is is 2010? I forget.

Women who are victims of rape or incest are not exempt from this ultrasound legislation and since most women seeking abortion are in the very early stage of pregnancy, vaginal ultrasounds will mostly be used to get the best picture of the foetus.

Pro life groups who support these tough laws now want the same to be encouraged in Australia.

According to News Ltd reports:

Under the new laws, pregnant women will be required to listen to the foetus and view the ultrasound image prior to terminating their pregnancy.”  Politicians in the US state of Oklahoma overnight voted to pass two abortion Bills that will force women to undergo invasive ultrasounds and allow doctors to withhold test results showing foetal defects.

Vice President of Right to Life Australia Margaret Tighe said the new laws were “terrific news” and should be adopted locally. “I can only compliment (Oklahoma’s politicians) in what they have done and can only wish that we could have such success here,” she said.

But Pro Choice NSW spokesperson Jane Caro said the new laws would strip women of basic human rights and advised women in Oklahoma to “keep their legs together”.  “The new laws are outrageous on every level and destroy the human rights of the women in that state. They no longer have equal human rights”, she said.

More background on Oklahoman laws here.

I happened to be sitting next to Jane Caro who is quoted in this article at a Business Chicks lunch last Friday. We talked about it at length and were in complete agreement that this kind of law is a shocker.

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