A million spare nappies help mums in need.

A group of mums who found themselves with left-over nappies that their toddlers had outgrown got together with a plan for what to do with them.

The Nappy Collective was born as a way to avoid waste and distribute unused nappies to the needy.

They collected over 1500 nappies for their first pick-up in 2013 and have since collected over 700,000 nappies  – and are hoping to get to a million this May.

A young volunteer gets involved in Darwin. Image supplied.

"It was a light bulb moment where we thought  - 'hang on if we’ve all got some nappies lying around at home in the cupboard or in the car  - it’s something universal for all parents,'" co-founder Moran Dvir said.

"All babies grow up and we often have half a pack of nappies we don’t know what to do with," she added.

The collective is pushing for a record response with 400 drop-off points in 39 towns and cities across Australia – so it is easy to get involved.

The two week drive starts on May 6, with pick up spots in five states including Adelaide, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney among others.

"One of the things people love is that if you donate nappies in Adelaide your nappies stay in Adelaide.  We don’t ship them around Australia – they always go back to the local community," said Mrs Dvir.

Volunteers in Newcastle get packing. Image suplied.

Once the nappies are collected volunteers will sort out, repack and box the nappies. The nappies then get sent to a host of organisations that support victims of family violence, the homeless and people with mental health, drug abuse, and financial problems.

The Not for Profit community based organisation is run entirely by volunteers and they also rely on local businesses that take part.


Unused clean nappies are re-distributed to those in need. Image via iStock.

"It’s a real groundswell of community support that is going out to the mums [in need]," said Mrs Dvir.

"It’s really meaningful for people to volunteer and know that they are helping someone local - another mum like them who needs a helping hand."

The mother of four has been with the collective since it started and says she was inspired to help women who were fleeing domestic violence situations.

Original founder and mother Sandra Jacobs, told Mamamia the group was interested raising awareness of domestic violence while helping in a tangible way.

"It’s amazing how many people have spare nappies lying around," she said.

The unused nappies have assisted tens of thousands of babies.

"A few nappies may not make a difference but collectively one million can," said Mrs Jacobs.

"Nappies are a basic essential child care need. A newborn can require 10-12 nappies a day and toddler can require 6-8 per day," states the Nappy Collective's website.

Families with limited incomes may have to choose between clean nappies and other basic needs such as food for themselves, says the collective.

"Having spare nappies is something universal and it’s really easy to give something away when you know where it is going and you know that it is going somewhere that’s needed," said co-founder Moran Dvir.

"It’s something that’s so simple and straightforward but we just know makes such a huge impact."